Thursday 5 May 2016

The Secret

Unselfish, she shared what she thought she knew.
Had gathered the info from reliable sources
I took it with a pinch of salt; nothing new!
Whether it was true was anyone's guess!

"It's a secret!" she said rolling her eyes.
"Don't reveal to anyone; I trust you!"
I felt burdened with trust (or was it lies?)
Why chosen to bite more than I can chew?
A secret is something that everyone tells everyone not to tell anyone!
After she was gone, there was a phone call & email.
Attended more same-secret-sharers on the line!
Friends narrating twists & turns in a similar tale!
'Chinese Whispers' winding the secret- not fine!

My mind protested- "Enough is enough; no fun!"
The reality is that everyone shares secrets with me.
Their secrets are safe; no amoral sharing with anyone!
Just shared my secret that I carry many secrets heartily!

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  1. it's good to have trust of others :)

  2. How true this is. Wish there were more secret keepers that you tell a burdensome secret to knowing that they wouldn't repeat it.

  3. Ah secrets (✿◠‿◠) the juiciest, the more questionable

    much love...

  4. This made me smile - you have a surfeit of secrets!!!!!

  5. Too bad there's not a box where you can lock them up. They always seems to be a bit skewed to the teller's benefit.

  6. it's good that people can trust you with their secrets

  7. No matter how securely you shackle your secrets, they always find an escape route.

    Visit Keith's Ramblings

  8. Neat poem, recording a familiar phenomenon. I must say that rarely have I been told a secret that people did NOT want passed on. I've been rather disappointing to gossip mongers

  9. Wonderful! A great take, Anita:)

  10. We are tempted to do when told not to. If the words 'secret' and 'don't reveal' are not a part of the matter, then probably people will be more trustworthy. Super poem!


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