Tuesday 10 May 2016

Pitha - Dessert With A Twist

The state of Odisha in India has many festivals where amazing sweets and treats are prepared and served. Pitha is a sweet that is a common treat as every festival has some variety of Pitha. There are many types of Pithas based on the ingredients used and the preparation style. I love Muduka Pitha. 

Muduka Pitha of Odisha, India
Here is the recipe for the Muduka Pitha. 

Ingredients for the Muduka Pitha:

For the Dough:
4 cups Wheat Flour (Atta)
2 cups Sugar 
½ litre Refined Oil 

For the Stuffing:
1 cup Grated Coconut
½ cup Sugar
1 teaspoon Black Pepper
2 Cardamom


For the Dough:
In a pan, heat 5 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar. Make a paste by adding ½ cup water to 1 table-spoon flour. When the sugar solution becomes saturated, add the paste to the pan and stir well. No lumps should be formed while stirring. After the mixture starts boiling, add the rest of the flour to the mixture and lower the flame. After proper stirring, transfer the mixture from the pan to a flat plate. Add some refined oil and knead to make a smooth dough (just like preparing Rotis).

Dough for the Muduka Pitha
For the Stuffing:
Roast Black Pepper and Cardamom together and powder them. Fry grated Coconut and Sugar in a pan. Oil is not needed at this stage. Add the powdered Pepper and Cardamom and stir in the mixture in the pan. The mixture for the stuffing is ready.

Method of Preparation of the Muduka Pitha:

After shaping each ball round, spread the stuffing in the centre and form a ball again so that the stuffing remains inside (just like in preparation of Alu Paratha)
Sweet Coconut stuffing to be filled
The balls are rounded with the filling inside them

Balls ready to be fried for Muduka Pitha
Heat oil in a pan and fry the round balls on all sides till they turn golden brown. Serve the Muduka Pitha hot.

I have prepared Muduka Pitha many times, usually during festivals when it is offered to the Gods. I recollected this dessert when I came across the culinary stars, Vikas & Vir, talking about their #Foodventures. Once, when my child wanted Muduka Pitha and there was no Coconut in our home, I thought how best I can manage to prepare the stuffing that requires Coconut. Then, for the filling, I decided to make use of the leftover Sooji Halwa that was there in our fridge! I followed the above recipe, except for the stuffing where I used the Halwa! I was proud to create a unique dessert with a twist! Vir’s video featuring Mochi Ice cream and Vikas’s video with Persimmon Chilli Cobbler are #Foodventures that dessert-lovers like me simply love!

I love desserts and desserts with a twist, don’t you?

Which is your favourite dessert? Have you tried out any desserts with a twist? Please share your views in the comments section below.


  1. Anita, that is definitely a very sweet treat!

  2. That looks really great and thanks for sharing!

  3. looks delicious

    Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / - week
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  4. They make a lot wonderful pithas and mishtis in Bangladesh too.


  5. looks like a tasty recipe
    oh and you posted much earlier this week. you're welcome anytime!

  6. This looks great, Anita! Good idea to give us a recipe for R.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  7. Yum! Sweet and spicy. That's definitely a good twist.

  8. Wow Looks so Cool , Wanna try it bestandroidtrainingchennai.in

  9. Mouthwatering! Is the flour covering thick? Is pitha a crispy one?


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