Monday 16 May 2016

League Of Lost Things

I have many clips & earrings left lonely,
As the other ones in the pairs are lost.
I can babble about many other things,
Thinking of my loss as I paid a heavy cost...

Those stamps, coins, paint-boxes, brushes,
Copies, purses, crayons, pencils, erasers, pens...
The loss seems fresh as if it happened now;
Loss of those is no more in the past tense.

League of Lost Things

Pendants, bangle-beads, locks, keys,
Fancy items, dolls & their belongings,
Novels, magazines, photographs, posters,
Sunglasses, wristwatches & many things...

This is not the full list of my League Of Lost Things.
Thieves be damned! Many lost items have been stolen.
Still hope & wish to get back my prized possessions.
Still cherish the memories & revisit my League often!

What are the things that you have lost? Do you still miss them? Do share in the comments below.
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  1. Oh dear yes, often it is those tiny things which leave the most acute loss.

  2. I think we end up with so many things unpaired... I have a few cuff-links left alone....

  3. These things have a knack of disappearing on their own. Escpecially the pairs of socks who just seem to hate being with its partner. Loved this poem. :)
    My latest loss -

  4. I have quite a few lost vintage and absolutely hate it when they go with the wind, burning a chimera of memories.

  5. I do have a lone sock at the moment, but don't often lose things. I give things away to my kids and the thrift stores, and sometimes look for them later.

  6. Wow, this made me think, if I tallied up the cost of all the "things" I have acquired and lost over a lifetime, I have likely spent a million dollars. And now I live in one room and STILL have too many things!

  7. Such a beautifully thought provoking poem :)

  8. The lost art of letter writing ....Everyone, including myself, have lost interest in the letters almost completely. It may not be the right thing to mention here, but the thought came spontaneously....
    Great read, Anita!

  9. I rarely misplace things, but I am not spared from this agony. A ring, one earring and old diary are in the list.

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  11. Indeed a wow post!

    Yes, I have lost things and miss them too! I miss a lot... my favourite pens that regularly disappeared from my table when I was a teaching professional, the beautiful floral veil I forgot in a train, the text books of my school days that were sold, my first mobile phone Nokia 1100... to mention a few.

    Probably, We miss something only when we lose them!


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