Thursday 4 June 2015

Like A Dream

She had built a home for them by the sea-beach, just as he had promised her when he had proposed marriage.

As the youngest CEO of an MNC, he was too busy traveling on official visits to even think of any family-related matters.

She shifted to their dream-home.

Months passed.

When he received a message that she was ill, he dropped in to her place and was reminded of his dream. 

He felt guilty and yet proud that his artistic wife had designed the place so beautifully.

She had carved black-stone on the beach into beautiful art-works of humans and animals like Dolphins & Seals.

When he realized the tourism potential of the place, he also thought of his own potential...
 As he nursed his wife back to health, he decided he would quit his job and live his dream with his wife.

” Every exit is an entry somewhere else.”
Tom Stoppard

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  1. This sounds like coming home.. a great decision.

  2. Nice story.

    Hope you don't mind my constructive feedback...the first sentence is a little confusing. You start that 'she had built a home...just as he promised'. Did you mean to say "He had built..."

    1. Thanks for your feedback.
      No, I meant to convey that -
      Though he had promised to build a home for them by the sea, he was too tied up with life to remember his promise. She built a home & fulfilled his promise! Nice that he shifted into it.
      He must have had a posh apartment/home in the city, but she built the one by the sea...

  3. A wise man and a good woman. Nice story for the ages and a lesson to all about life. Well done.



  4. Dear Anita,

    I'm glad he came to his senses. This kind of a story more often than not has a sad ending. Nicely done.



  5. No point being the richest in the graveyard.
    Good piece.

  6. I like what you did with this photo. It doesn't have to be an iron chain. Great imagination and wonderful writing!

  7. A very clear tale - a lot happening that needed explaining, and sweet ending.

  8. Great story, I'm glad the wife regained her health. I find it telling that he considered the touristic value of the place first, and then changed his life. But in the end, all is well.

  9. Thoughtful piece. Too often dreams are put on hold or pushed aside by what we think is more important, His wife is a wise woman to go ahead and build the dream home. Sad she had to get sick for him to come to it and see it as home.
    I like the way you used the quote. Your stories always make me think. Thanks for linking to In Other Words.

  10. I loved the way you wrote of the transitions, hers from her old life to the new life and home that she created, and his from a career that took up far too much of his time to a life with her where they could share the dream the had first dreamed!

  11. Good realization actually. I was expecting the darker ending I suppose. Glad it went this way instead :)

  12. Awesome story. Glad you gave it a happy ending.

  13. To me this is a fairy tale :D

  14. It's so true Anita and as expressed in this beautiful story, we run and forget living in our bid to make money. We can never recover lost time..till it becomes too late.

  15. One should always value her/his family life. Feeling good for the couple... :-)

  16. You make me dream with this story. :)

  17. A beautiful ending Anita. :-)

  18. I think my comment did not get posted -

    It feels like forever since I visited your blog!
    Nice story :) Very short though; was there a word limit?

  19. Quite right! Every exit IS an entrance...into a better world. As in this tale

  20. 'Young man and the dream'...wish I were him! Lovely story Anita:)

  21. Heartwarming story indeed Anita, got so much to learn from life! :')

  22. Anita, would quitting his job allow him the luxury of living the dream with his wife as he wouldn't be earning that amount of bucks? For me, doesn't look practical.

  23. Beautiful and inspirational! Love the way you have expressed it Anita :)

  24. Beautiful story Anita. Finally, the man came into his senses. You emoted it so well in few words. Great !

    Here is my take on the prompt if you wish to read it.

  25. Wonderful story! Loved the use of the picture and the quote.

  26. Anita, such a beautiful story. And you have used the prompt well.

  27. Lovely story. At times one doesn't get chance to rewind. Great that in your story he could get a second chance to pick up the threads...

  28. Thats another nice piece..


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