Wednesday 21 May 2014

Votes & Comments

Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers
This Post has my comments on Votes & Comments!

And no it's not about India's Elections 2014!

Votes & Comments discussed here pertain to Blogging!

Recently I read Suresh Chandrasekaran's Post - Scratch My Back, Please & posted a comment there. 

"Wonderful & so very true, Sureshji :)
I feel guilty if I don't return comments/votes. Both need our time. I invest in both sincerely but don't know how long the party will last! I know that both Votes & Comments reduce without our active participation & investment :) Time is the most important!"

Then, I realized that I have a lot many more words to say about Comments! 

Just like Suresh ji, I thought I might share my Comments on Comments too!

I was introduced to the concept of Votes & Comments in Blogging when I joined Blogging sites 10 months ago.

Before that, I did know of Voting in online contests in FB, Twitter, Sponsor's websites etc where the one who garnered max votes was declared as the winner. As I had spent lots of time and effort strategising to win such contests and had unsuccessfully attempted many with negligible success, I was wary of Voting!

Funny that funny incidents happen! 
In one particular FB contest, I didn't win despite having the max 'Likes', the best message and the max replies/comments!!! (That was supposed to have made me win!) But, strangely, another person with a few words and a single Like won that FB contest! 
In Twitter, gathering max RTs (Retweets) is no mean achievement. But, I have indulged in the madness in the past and NOT won any RT contest!

Now I am a lot wiser & try to stay away from such Vote-hungry Social-Media Contests!

I learnt that the Moral is: One has to Request/BEG to all for that elusive Vote, Like, RT... And invest a lot of Time, Effort & Patience. And then there's no guarantee that one will win!

When I started Blogging, I hardly had any Votes or Comments. All Newbies can identify with this helpless juncture when they post and then a few read and no one comments! 

The writer's mind screams-  "Even I want many Comments!

The writer's mind tries to figure out- "How to get more Comments?

Comments come our way if-
1. We are famous/established
2. Our Post is visible/popular/based on hot or current topics or is featured on the HomePage of Popular sites! (If there are more readers, then  our Post will get more comments!)
3. We take part in Blogging Contests- In my case, my contest-entries have garnered higher readership and thus, comments. 

Some believe that more votes/comments in Blogging contest-entries will ensure a win. But, from my limited experience, I have learnt that - Max Votes/Comments may not bag us a grand prize in a Blogging contest! In fact, they may be inversely proportional to our win!

Earlier, when I had Mission-ManyComments, I realized 2 points:
1. Why would anyone vote/comment for my Post if I didn't vote/comment for their's?
2. If someone votes/comments for me, I should do the same - at least out of 'courtesy' if not 'returning the favour' or 'Back-scratching'!

Soumya has expressed it as R-ROI (Return On Investment)

No doubt that people invest a lot of time & work hard for Voting/Commenting for us.
I feel it is 'pay back' time as that's the least we can do to acknowledge a fellow-Blogger's efforts.
When someone takes pains to comment on my Blog, I feel a moral responsibility to do so. 

Fellow-Blogger Bhavana Lalwani also shares similar views honestly about Blogging & Comments in her candid Post- Ek Blogger Ki Dukhbhari Katha (A Blogger's Sad Story)

Personally, I feel guilty if I cannot 'pay back' with a Vote/Comment.
I sincerely post Votes & Comments sometimes at great costs- skipping meals & losing sleep!

Comments are for many reasons-

Here are the Dozen reasons in the Blogger's own words! She/he is perhaps trying to say-

1. I spent time and effort reading & commenting about your Post.

2. Just leaving behind a small evidence that I really visited your Blog!

3. I truly loved/hated reading your Post & I wanna share my feelings.

4. I have extra/common points/experience/message to share. Do read my Post on the same topic as your's

5. I wish to report about the error(s) in your spelling/Grammar/fact..

6. I wish to thank you for sharing such wonderful info/lessons/experiences... that have benefited me.

7. I wish to motivate you. You are excellent! Please keep Blogging!

8. I wish to convey my wishes- Best wishes for the Contest or Congrats for the Win.

9. I have advertised my Blog's address in your Blog. You better hop on to my Blog RIGHT NOW!

10. Do you have better comment-writing skills than I? Prove it by writing a better comment on my Blog!!!

11. I have quoted you and your Post in my Post! Do check it out!

12. I have some queries. Help! SOS! Please answer and help me! Do drop your answer via a comment in my Blog!

(The above list is my creation! Please don't punch me!!!)
I have personally indulged in almost all myself!

Jokes apart, we all love genuine feedback, sincere appreciation, rich suggestions...
We love the feeling that our Posts are read and that our voice is heard far & wide...

Votes & Comments are like gifts- very precious :P
Bloggers love them. 
Just loving them is not enough, one ought to "share the love" & have a return-gift ready too!

Here's wishing lots of positive Votes & Comments on everyone's Blog!

P.S- If you can think of extra reasons why Bloggers comment, do post your Comments in the Comments Section below!!!
Also, please do post a comment if I am yet to return your comment. Backscratching, right?!

My Post for ABC Wednesday - V For Votes!


  1. I think as a blogger, one begins to learn from others..its like a mini community online..kinda like a blogging family..and I love that. I remember soumyas post about the return on investment. That was quite frank. I do read a lot of blogs in my free fact I've cut down on facebook browsing and turned to blog browsing instead. Well comment love is something that we all bloggers thrive on..and if thats coming from the blog family hehe I'm not complaining :p

    1. Very true, Sabeeha.
      Blogging is a Community & our family thrives on comment love :)

  2. Hahaha I liked your take on this.

    Lack of time I suppose, but what if you read the post and yet not comment. Once I comment on yours, you come back and comment. This is outrightly juvenile and stupid. The same thing happens with follow on blogs too. After a certain time you get annoyed with such behavior. Atleast I do. So I stay away from such blogs instead. Its not only about appreciating a blogger or the other reasons you mentioned above. If you like a post, please leave a comment. Else it is fine. But waiting for me to leave a comment so that you can return the favor is very very stupid. I always leave comments on some blogs whose owners dont even know I exist. I am totally fine with it, because I get wonderful content to read. And I comment regularly too.

    I believe, if you have the time to read, you have the time to comment as well.

    1. Totally share your views, Soumya.
      Even I have done the same. Written Comments for Bloggers as I liked the content. Also, there were 0 comments before I posted mine...
      If one has read our post, they should share a comment with us.
      We then know how to create better Posts :)

  3. I loved this post Anita. So much of it is true. Yes we bloggers thrive on comments. Its like a gift and being appreciated and acknowledged is a wonderful feeling. I personally believe that if you read a post and enjoyed it or attained a little information or benefitted in any way you should leave a comment showing back your appreciation. And ofcourse I couldn't help but laugh at the various reasons as to what comments are for you so skilfully put up. Kudos!!

    1. Thanks Anusree.
      Yes, I do believe the same too. All writers live comments. May we all get what we love!

  4. Made for interesting reading.
    My take on this is if a stone is fit for the wall it will not be found in the way.What matters isa good content though this is necessary but not sufficient.
    Commenting is like social visits to friends houses.If they keep coming and you dont go as often,their visits reduce.
    Many comments,I suspect,are made without proper reading and possibly based on others comments.
    A few good feedback is of greater worth than superficial comments.
    Finally we write for our pleasure just as we sing in the bathrooms

    1. Thanks Sir. Agree with you.
      Blogging is a social activity and has such mutual reciprocation, else it suffers.
      Also, few genuinely comment after reading our content. True that some comments are superficial & based on other comments. In 1 Post, 1 Blogger copied another previous comment word for word for my same Post. Was it a copy or they both thought alike?!!!
      We write/Blog as we wanna express.
      Commenting is also a form of expression.

  5. Ha! THAT was one great list of reasons :)

    I do find that mutuality exists and see not much wrong in it. Most social interactions - real word, too - depends on mutuality. What I abhor is commenting and getting comments without fully reading a post. That, effectively, cuts down on my commenting since someone who just reads the first and last para can comment on a lot more posts than I can :)

    The other thing that irritates me is someone who comes on my blog repeatedly till I start visiting hers as well and, then, thinks that now that I am hooked, she can save the trouble of commenting on mine. Like, her genius is scintillating enough to hold me even though my own writing proved incapable of holding her :) Well - even if the other person is such a genius, there is still no competition with PG Wodehouse OR Frank Herbert, so why would I bother? :)

    There are the genuine readers as well, who come and comment when they are pleased, and every one of them is someone to be treasured.

    I wish I could be one of those - but I have already accumulated so many people with mutual relations that I have no time to read any more. Not to mention that my time online gets cut drastically short by my eyes which do not take too much of blog reading.

    1. All valid points, Sureshji.
      Even I have noticed the same. I have even followed the 'Anyway' poem and left comments for Bloggers who never have bothered to do the same for me. Have they never read any of my Posts? If they have read, do they not feel it deserves a few words from them (especially as I have posted so many comments for them!). Don't know what is the story. Planning to write another Post on Comments!

  6. heheh I do sincerely believe in return of investment. But when someone drops onto my blog and leaves a comment which doesnt even match the post...then hell breaks loose for me.

    1. Yes, Red. Am sure you are getting your ROI! May the good times last!
      I know what you are referring to. Some comment for the sake of commenting! Then, the quality of comment can never match with your Post!

  7. Very nice post Anita :) Ha haa :D Many things to say! Your list of reasons is amazing! My reasons match with most of them except 9 and 10.

    I started leaving my blog address because:
    -the blogger need not search for my blog addresses if she/he wants to visit my blogs. If not my name will take them to my G+ profile, where I am the least active now-a-days.

    To add my reason,
    I am unable to give my time to visit all the blogs everyday, sometimes for a month (as it happened in April & beginning of May). I feel sorry for not visiting those bloggers who visit my blogs without fail even in my absence to their blog... So, I search for their blog and check most possible posts I had missed and comment so that I still love their blog and follow them :)

    Thanks for a chance to write :)

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thanks Sindhu! Glad you liked :)
      Thanks for sharing your views & your reasons. I tried to make the points funny esp points 9 & 10.
      Some may genuinely feel so, but for many, it's just ease of access!
      I agree that G+ may be cumbersome to access the Blog.
      In many cases, when I try to return the BlogVisit & comment, I find I am lost as I can't access the Blog address of the commentator! Feel helpless!
      But, then I discovered that some people have accounts just to comment & they have no Blogs! Such selfless people who comment after reading & don't expect comments as they have no Blog if their own!

      Those Bloggers who still visit our Blogs, despite our absence, deserve our Comment-love more :)
      My pleasure & honour :)

  8. nice one Anita.. thnks for mentioning my name.. yes I am now kinda tired of this vote comment thing.. in past, I read and commented on many ppl's blog, but hardly they bothered to pay the favour back :P .. atleast yr contest entries get higher readership bt that is not same in my case, but I am happy taht my stories and articles are now getting space in print media. once again, a relevant topic.

    1. I had to mention your relevant post, Bhavana as it echoes our feelings!
      So glad the print media is giving credit to your contributions. You deserve it!
      Best wishes & keep writing :)

  9. Thats a great list ! apart from these there are sudden drawbacks too that follows .. though you have mentioned some but
    1. like u scratch my back and i will scratch yours
    2. most people don't read things properly and just comments to have you on their blog just and this you can feel in their comments
    and their are more !

    my blog list is limited not because i dont want to read more .. but its became really hard to manage and keep balance between professional and personal life ! :(

    1. Thanks Ankur.
      Yes, you are right. Sureshji shared #1 in his Post about Backscratching :)
      And your point #2 is relevant.
      Everyone is hard-pressed for time including you & I. We are trying to maximize it.
      Hope everyone gets to do an honest job :)

  10. well well well took me two years back, when i wrote on something similar

    the blogging world has become like that , over the years I am thankful i have made some good friends over blogging and inspite of staying for more than a year , some are still here and visit me often.

    I leave my blog address , yes but that is not to force you to come over and comment , or when i started leaving it was not for that .

    I use to have so many followers and people who would comment and say the best of the things but suddenly many of them have found better blogs and forgotten about me , so its like out of sight out of mind.. yet they say they are my friends :)

    I am sure i have mentioned it earlier too one thing i have found is MALE species will have all the time to comment on blogs witten by ladies.. ..

    As a comment above people will comment and keep commenting on your articles and the day you go to theirs they forget to come to yours ..

    I visit so many blogs and i make a point to comment because I feel if someone has written something and i like it then i should say something about it :) and this VOTING thing I hate it .. I dont like it at all, I have read some posts that have been marked as indibloggers top post, but you read an article that has ZERO vote .. it surprises you how that article is top post..

    Another hilarious fact is .. People have different things to say on something excacly same topic written at different places, if they are friends with me they will say how great my article is , how much they also think the same way .. yet on another they will say the exact oppsite..

    I have a few things to share , you know what I am going to write a article on that myself :)

    Bikram oops sorry i am leaving my address and heyyyyyyyyyyyyy I have written such a big comment , now are you going to visit me .. or do i say please tooooooooo :) he he he he he he

    have a great weekend

    1. Thank you Bikram for taking the effort and sharing so many points :)
      My post is so much richer with such comments now.

      I agree with your views here as even I have commented on many Blog-Posts coz I liked or had something to say (& not out of expectation of Visits/Comments!)
      Even I feel many deserving Posts lose out the Top-Badge honour due to want of Votes...
      But, gathering Votes requires time & effort & Bloggers who are investing these, earn the badge.

      I'm looking forward to your new Post on Comments :)
      It'd have been nice if you had also posted the link of the Post you had written 2 years ago. Do share the same in your promising Post on Comments.

      Some people consider posting Blog link as Advertising/Marketing.
      But, it does help us access a blog to visit & post a return-gift/comment :) No offence meant.

      Lovely that you post your link. Nice that I have had a chance to discover you & your cool Blog & other such Blogs owing to this :)

    2. Totally understand that about votes, but then the whole idea shoud be to vote for a Good post , not have friends and mates come and vote .. I am saying this because long time back there use to be contests and those who had most votes won.. and this is what happens , there was one blog that use to win many although the writing were below average and sometimes stolen tooo :) the only thing was the blogger had many friends and many accounts that they owned themselves :)

      You know being away for more than a year has made me so so lazy, i use to publish 3 to 4 posts a week and now its difficult to publish one , but I will soon promise :) Actually i had put a link of that post but then since I read your view on people who leave links , I deleted it .. did not want others to think I was advertising my post :)

      yes it is a marketing thing leaving a link, I dont deny that.. but then i also know that people will come and if they dont like what i write they wont next time..

      So how is your weekend going.. tell me its magical .. since you jsut posted something on Magic :) he he he he

    3. Many Bloggers have issues with Voting. Those with better friend-network are at an advantage. But, then they have taken pains & paid heavily to earn that! No pains, no gains...
      I stay away from Contests that base the Winners on Votes.

      I feel- Leaving the link of our relevant Post can enhance the reader's experience & present knowledge/views at one place. See the Point #4 (why Blogger's Comment) in my Post.

      Also Marketing/Branding is very important in this Brand-conscious world.
      But, no amount of Marketing can save a poor Brand/Blog :) Merit rules too!

      Weekends are magical! You too can contribute for the same prompt :) Join in!

  11. No doubt you are doing great work Anita, as far as my personal point of view is concerned, I don't bother if someone is voting/commenting for my posts or not, I don't prefer scratching someone's back, just because he or she did the same. I usually do vote those posts which I like the most, and similarly I do comment on posts in which I think of sharing my opinion, else I leave.

    1. Thanks Alok!
      Great to get your views. That's a good approach :)

  12. Hats off to your sincerity in blogging Anita.
    Pardon me if I haven't been able to comment on your posts.

    1. Thanks Indrani :) The admiration is mutual!
      You have commented many times for me! I treasure all of them :)

  13. Good to see a post on comments and voting. Many times I have thought about why people comment on our posts.
    I think you have written down all the points here. But one think I would like to add is to appreciate the efforts and time that someone has put in to write down a post. In India, its very rare to see someone appreciating others.

    Vote/Comment to me is a token of appreciation for the wonderful information that someone has shared to us and its our responsibility to thank them back!

    1. Yes Krishna, I agree.
      Thanks for sharing such lovely words.

      Being grateful & thanking is a point I touched in #6 above :) Appreciation & gratitude & bestowing compliments go a long way for a writer!
      Quoting from memory- a famous writer, probably Mark Twain said- 'I can survive on a good compliment for a week'.

    2. I fully agree with Krishna Chandran sir, In India people don't appreciate others. They are too full of themselves

    3. Yes Nima. We need to appreciate & be grateful.
      When we are grateful, the Universe gives us more reasons to be grateful!'

  14. Very sincerely said. Appreciate that sincerely...and wanted you to know. :)

    1. Thanks for the sincere appreciation, Shivani :)
      Writer khush hua :)

  15. That is one amazing post. Nice work compiling the list of reasons people comment. I comment to let the blogger know, I read the post and liked it and sometimes, when I want to share my feelings about a wonderful post.
    Sometimes, I feel lazy and choose voting or liking the post. Now, I am going to try and comment on posts instead of choosing the easy way to show appreciation.

    1. Thanks Kiran for your appreciation & for sharing your cool comment about your personal reasons why you comment :)
      You rightly mentioned that a lack of time or laziness in posting comments results in simply voting/liking. But, leaving a few words for the writer is so nice :)

  16. Beautiful Post Anita. I think Blog commenting is itself is a social network where we all discuss and share. happy to have you in the same sphere.

    Happy blogging

    1. Thanks :) Agree with you!
      Feel blessed to be a part of this social network :)

  17. Very well compiled and said.Leaving a comment involves reading, understanding and composing. It needs involvement. Many do not want to get that level of engagement. I think leaving a comment is the least we can do. But in the rush of life we ignore the basic courtesy. It is also true if I do not leave a comment, I should not expect others to do the same for me.

    1. Thanks Abhijitji for sharing such apt words.
      I totally agree with you.
      The writer gives involvement for her/his work.
      Only if the readers exhibit even a fraction of that involvement & leave a comment! :)
      Welcome to my Blog! Delighted to get your naiden comment here :)

  18. You have a lot of comments here. Mission accomplished :)

    1. Aye Aye, Sir! Mission-ManyComments was when I was New :)
      But, this Post ought to have a lot more comments on comments! :)

  19. I am truly able to relate to your post. i guess all of us bloggers at one point or the other thought about this. so have I. it does involve a lot of commitment and time. which sometimes we don't have :( i face the same problem. enjoyed your post :)

    1. Thanks Preethi. You have always been very supportive :)
      I share your views! Commitment & Time are necessary & we all are struggling & juggling with priorities ;)

  20. Phases of blogging :D Soon you will move on ... to something else, believe me.

    1. Thanks Mridula for sharing your view about the Blogging phases process :)
      Blogging level & experience makes us comment better :)

  21. Oh Lord. Where do I fit in. The lazy types. I am doomed Anita.

    Lovelyyyyy post.

    1. Thanks Anupam :)
      No Doom! Only Dhoom :) You are getting genuine comments for your lovely Posts already :)

  22. Anita, Anita, Anita! You keep doing it girl! Again and again :) Such an honest post, and that list of reasons is perfect :) I read Suresh's post too some days back, and now yours. You guys are now making me re-think if I did the right thing by entering into this Big Bad World of Blogging :) But seriously, like you and many of the other readers/serious bloggers here I too prefer those comments that are genuine and come after having read the post, after having made some attempt to comprehend what I am trying to convey through my words. Otherwise it is just perfectly fine to say nothing. As for the voting like the one on Indiblogger, it is ok if the "No. 1 post" thing happens but really that doesn't mean much because who knows if people are actually even reading the post :) Well dear, you have once again written a valuable blogpost reflecting on this world of blogging itself. Way to go!

    1. Thanks Beloo for your kind & valuable words. I agree with your views. Comments are nice when they are genuine & written after the reader has actually read our Post!
      You did the right thing by entering the World of Blogging. That's where cool people get to meet & interact! I feel blessed :)
      Do keep writing & sharing those awesome posts :)

  23. You've said it all Anita! Both seriously and in a lighter vein. Loved - You'd better hop onto my blog right now and make a comment there. Hahaha. Glad to have found your blog.

    1. Welcome to my Blog, Kalpanaa!
      Wonderful to hear from you! Do visit often :)
      Hopping on to your Blog!!;)

  24. Anita you have nailed it in the right place this time again, yes we are a blogger family and we have to stick together. Who doesn't like comments and votes, I am sure everybody does and when people actually read and comment then it fills us with so much joy, i am so glad I started blogging , although new to this (less then a year) I have received so much warmth that i like to spread some of that love too. So I invest in time and energy to read others blogs as much as possible although my blog page is called the lazy Writer!!! Lol.But I believe in "You scratch my back and i will scratch Yours" Whats wrong in that anyway.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views, Nima. I agree with your words here.
      No, you aren't a lazy writer! I am glad that you not only express yourself, but also invest time to share comments :)
      Great to be a part of the Bloggers world & nice to interact with wonderful folks!

  25. True Anita! I too respect people who do really visit and leave their footprint in my blog. It is only then I knew I have been read and that one single comment is so joyous to see. I don't heed to the line "you scratch and I scratch back" as it exists almost everywhere and it depends on time/energy investment as you have said. One positive side to notice, the more to visit each other one point it turns into a wonderful bond of friendship and there comes a time even though you don't seem blogging, they are always there in your connection.

    1. Yes Uma, even I share your views. Thanks for being there for me.
      Words are our connection & ideas bridge the gap, irrespective of nation/boundary.
      True that the more we get involved, the more the camaraderie!
      Love to be a part of this family :)

  26. Congrats to you...I know how it feels like... Wish you all the success in life...

    1. Welcome to my Blog, Mayank.
      Thanks for your wishes:) Best wishes to you too :)

  27. I write to comment about core content. I've found that many bloggers do not like being corrected publicly re typos and grammar; I tend to do so by private e-mail.

    1. Thanks a lot, Roger for your comment :)
      I love all comments- I learn from them :)
      Ditto! Even I inform about corrections through private mails/messages :)

  28. I think if one blogs, one must do it for one's own enjoyment and satisfaction. Yes, it is nice to have feedback but I tend to simply put it out there for others' enjoyment. If they wish to comment, that's nice, but if not, that's okay too.

    abcw team

    1. Nice to learn your views, Leslie!
      For me, it's wonderful to receive comments :)

  29. Comments on my blog help me to feel that I somehow connected with a reader. An Arkie's Musings

    1. Welcome to my Blog, Richard! Yes indeed! Comments are the connection between the reader and the writer.
      Thanks for sharing your comment :)

  30. Exhaustive, an all encompassing analysis!
    You have already invested lots of time, energy and effort, Anita:)
    All the best!
    My advice: Don't get stressed for so called 'wins'.

    1. Thanks Amitji for your 'winning' wishes & advice :)
      That's true. I do invest lots of time, energy & effort for all my Posts especially the Contest Posts!
      It's another story that I don't win prizes for most of them!
      Luckily, I do receive great comments & feel like a winner! :)

  31. I really enjoyed your post.Great thought for letter V.

    1. Welcome to my Blog :)
      Lovely to read your comment :) Thanks for the appreciation!

  32. I always return visits and comments. But I'll never return a visit if the comment is anonymous, written in a language I don't understand or if it is offensive.
    As for correcting my spelling or grammar mistakes, I appreciate it when I ask for it. I always try to find something positive in a post I have to visit.
    Well, have a great week!
    Wil, ABCW Team

    1. Thanks Wil for your comment. Yes, how can we return the comment if the writer is anonymous or if we can't understand the language?
      I appreciate it when I get any feedback- love them all & feel blessed & rich :)
      Even I like to post positive comments!


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