Wednesday 25 October 2023

The Road To Paradise


The road to paradise was filled with snow.

They felt blessed to finally make it though!

They danced a jig forgetting the chill!

Freezing, but being thrilled to be alive still!

The road led them to a place that was nice-

They had named their new home- "Paradise".

Image- Lisa Fox


Their nation claimed the war had been won.

They knew they were being spied on.

The drones made sure to track them day and night; 

They had no place to hide or get out of sight.

They caressed all that's dear- home & belongings;

Tough times demanded the sacrifice of their things...

Image- Liz Young

100 Words Story-Poem for the Friday Fictioneers

Joining after many months. Used the image from the previous week's prompt too.

My heart goes out to all affected by war. May there be peace and paradise on earth.

How can we all enjoy paradise? How can our world become wise?


  1. Dear Anita,

    Well penned verses.



  2. I hope their new home is everything they dreamed of

  3. That's a unique combination of the two prompts. Welcome to our unique bunch of writers :) --granonine

  4. Welcome back, Anita. I'm glad your characters made it out of the war zone and to a safe place. It is horrible to think of how many still find themselves trapped in them.

  5. Interesting way to combine the two prompts. I loved the first section, but the balance of the second makes me wonder if Paradise will stay that way.

  6. From James. We all cherish our homes and being driven out is horrendous.

  7. Good combination of the two prompts, Anita. My thoughts and prayers are with the civilians on both sides this war. Notes to Women

  8. Peace doesn't last long. Innocence suffer the most. Well done, A. — Tannille


Your words mean a lot to me.

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