Thursday 5 October 2023

Identifying The Wrong Is Wrong?

Recently, there was an event that brought great joy to many.

But, a few including yours truly were concerned as they knew what was wrong in the event.

Not only had they known earlier, but they had also taken pains to make it known to others and had tried to ensure action.

How and why did they know what others' didn't and do what others' didn't or wouldn't?

Anyway, despite their efforts, the wrong was accepted and promoted.

Instead of identifying the wrong and taking care to make it right after being informed, no action was taken.

Rather the attitude and belief of all- "Identifying the wrong is wrong!"

The following image is a screenshot that shows the conversation of two social media friends about the same event-

A lot of effort goes behind any work.
Let us take Geographical Indication (GI) work, for example.
GI application representation is NO JOKE.
We look forward to the day all take this seriously and give the GI process and the GI-workers the respect they deserve.

As already shared in my previous post, a GI application must have NO HOLES.
Some people are working extra hard to plug the holes.
If they don't do this, the GI boat will sink.
Some are doing such hole-plugging & fire-fighting voluntarily- with no self-interests.
They may or may not succeed. But, at least they are sincerely trying so that the entire community, state & nation can have right identity, correct representation & truly celebrate.

Kindly note-
Because of such people's selfless efforts - including "crying about wrong", "identifying the wrong" etc., there is change & things are set right.
It had happened for the Odisha Rasagola GI application too where this writer made sure that the corrected and updated GI application was resubmitted (while other committee members remained silent).

Change, updates, corrections etc. do not happen automatically.
People have to MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Some people have been investing their time, brains, and efforts and giving a tough fight standing up for what is right.

Celebration comes after hard-work.
Now that after trying with all our might, we have somewhat managed to set things right, heartiest congratulations & celebrations to all🎊👏

I pray to Mahaprabhu🙏

May we have more "Vocal For Local" daughters & sons & friends of the soil who will have the spine to support what is right rather than making fun & deriding people who are trying to do the right things, do things right, and set things right.

Had seen many of such tribe while we were sincerely working for the identity, recognition, correct representation of our Rasagola & for Odisha Rasagola GI tag.
Saw the same attitude for Kendrapara Rasabali GI as well.

Chaka Akhi Sabu Dekhuchi🙏
Jaya Shree Jagannatha 🙏

Do you feel- "Identifying the wrong is wrong" ?
What do you do when wrong things happen?

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