Wednesday 4 October 2023

Kendrapara Rasabali - GI Tag of Odisha India

Kendrapara Rasabali has earned the GI Tag yesterday, i.e. on 3rd October, 2023.

Rasabali is a chhena-based dessert of Odisha.

You can read more about it on my blog post here-

Yes, a proud moment for our Odisha state & nation.🎊

The first few lines of the GI product Specification have been taken from the Kendrapara Rasabali blog post of this very blog- "The Explorer of Miracles"!

The Explorer of Miracles has earned a mention in the Page 5 of the GI application- Entry#8 of the Proof Of Origin (Historical Records)-

Happy to have shared information, created platform, followed-up with stakeholders, shared letter for Rasabali test-reports, & facilitated for Kendrapara Rasabali by Mahaprabhu's grace.

Applicant group was made aware of the filing and the wrong information filed.

Shared correct information multiple times with Kendrapara stakeholders emphasizing on the need for correct representation.

Does Rasabali have a Hole like Doughnut?

GI represents our product and place and there should not be any HOLES in the application.
It is the responsibility of all to support and share right info & details so as to protect the community's interests.
Happy that after our info-sharing, there have now been updates thanks to GI Registry and a 802 - GI - Corrigenda file has been uploaded.

Following our Odisha Rasagola GI application and tag, many producers have expressed interest regarding GIs for own local products like Rasabali.
By Shree Baladevjew's grace, His bhoga Rasabali is now a Registered GI. 🙏

Many "cultural researchers" who had never written a word about Rasagola before 2015 or about local products like Rasabali earlier have started publishing social media posts and articles and demanding GI Tags and rejoicing for GIs!👏
Can you imagine that a leading cultural magazine had never carried an article about Rasabali before we started Rasabali GI work!

I ask some people who hardly had any contribution for this GI, and who are now taking credit and accepting congratulatory messages with great pride for Rasabali GI Tag (though not being a part of the committee)-

-> What were/are they doing when wrong information was/is filed for local products in GI applications?
-> Why were/are they silent and took/take no action to ensure right representation?

Some people were part of the Odisha GI- Rasagola & Rasabali committees & yet remained silent all throughout, and did not take any action despite being informed.
After GI grant, it's happiness & celebration time!

Now some quiz questions for all of us-

1. What is the English spelling and pronunciation of Rasabali?
Rasbali or Rasabali?

2. What is the Odia spelling of Rasabali? What did the Odia media write?

ରସାବଳି or ରସାବଳୀ ?

3. Hindi spelling?

रसाबलि or रसाबली ?

or रसबाली or 

रसबालि or रसबलि or 

रसबली or


रसाबालि or रसाबाली ?

4. Place spelling?
Kendrapara or Kendrapada?
Or Kendrapaa or Kendrapar?

This image has been widely shared on social media-

Yesterday (or earlier), did anyone share regarding wrong representation of the district?
Incidentally, these spellings have been provided by the Applicants of this GI!
They have shared these in the Affidavit of the GI application of Kendrapara Rasabali!

No one pointed out the issue with Kendrapaa or Kendrapar!
These are just typographical errors.
Sab chalta hai? Be positive!
Such attitude shows how serious we are about the right representation.
Every document we send as part of GI application is uploaded online for the world to see.

Thankfully, updates have been made AFTER our outreach.
This is how our GI Registration looks now-

Can you spot the difference between the Before & After images shared above?

Chaka Akhi Sabu Dekhuchi
Jaya Shree Jagannatha!
Jaya Shree Baladevjew!

Are any of the media even aware or bothered about all the above?
Here is today's report in the New Indian Express-
"... the unique sweet will now acquire more prominence in the market. Besides, the tag would help the makers get best remunerative price. The GI certification would also stop adulteration of Rasabali and thereby, the authenticated sweet will fetch better prices”

Have you tasted Kendrapara Rasabali?
Please share in the comments below.


  1. I am glad. And, congratulations.

    1. Yes. I know it is a dessert.

    2. That's right. Happy to see :)
      Not many are aware of Rasabali though.


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