Tuesday 3 October 2023

International Coffee Day 2023

It was great to celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1st 2023☕️ and to have conversations around coffee i.e. Coffee pe Charcha :)

In India, there are more tea-drinkers and tea-lovers than coffee-drinkers and coffee-lovers.
While "Chai Pe Charcha" are famous, coffee conversations are no less stimulating!

Thanks to Bangalore Times for choosing me as one of the winners of the Coffee Day special quiz they had conducted.
Winners earned an opportunity to be a part of this informative and stimulating event with fellow participants ☺️

It was wonderful to meet all including actors celebrity guests specially invited to the event- Nidhi Subbaiah & Prabhu Mundkur.

Thanks to
Slay Coffee, HSR Layout, Bengaluru for all Coffee information and hospitality👍

There are many distinct coffee varieties & flavors of India & world!
Winners of the "Bean There, Brewed That" Coffee Quiz like me got a great opportunity to indulge in coffee tasting experience.

We smelled, tasted & savoured coffee.
There are so many fragrances & essences.
It was a sensory treat!

Being a coffee-lover and "vocal for local" products promoter, I loved the experience.

Do you know who are the "seven sisters"?
Apart from the North East states, that is!
When it comes to coffee, the seven sisters are the seven coffee-producing states of India.
Many wouldn't know that Odisha's name is also in the list.

Apart from sharing details about coffee, expert brewmaster Sumit Choudhari taught us the art of coffee-tasting- cupping and tasting coffee.
He said the same process is followed by all tasters viz. for wine etc.

We sampled coffees of mostly of Karnataka and Kerala apart from international ones- Ethiopia, Java, Columbia.

I always admire the tasters and all those in such fine-arts business. How they can differentiate and segregate the different varieties.
I can only make out the strength of coffee!

India has many varieties of coffees and many have the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.
"Koraput Coffee" of Odisha is now making waves.
However, it does not have a GI tag of its own; rather clubbed under the "Araku Valley Arabica Coffee" that was filed by the Coffee Board.

In case you did not know, along with Andhra Pradesh, coffee from many districts of Odisha have also been registered under the same GI that has "Araku Valley"
in name (that makes many think that this coffee is from Andhra as Araku Valley is identified with Andhra)
It may be noted that earlier, Araku Valley also used to be a part of Odisha as the entire area from Ganga to Godavari used to be Kalinga during the reign of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty. King Chodaganga Deva had reunited most of ancient Kalinga stretching from the rivers Ganga to Godavari. Chodaganga Deva was the son of Rajaraja Devendravarman and grandson of Vajrahasta Anantavarman of the Imperial Gangas of Kalinganagara.

Coverage of the October 1st event in today's edition of the Bangalore Times
Thanks a lot to TOI.
News report here-

Do you like coffee?


  1. Wow..sounds exciting. Your post reminded me of the blogger meets i use to attend , a decade ago.

    1. Great to hear from you, Viyoma.
      Even I have attended some Blogger Meets earlier.
      However, this was more of a coffee-experience meet with comparatively less focus on photos and cameras :)


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