Friday 20 May 2022

What They Wore At Cannes 2022

A prestigious international film festival like the Cannes means a lot to many- for the celebrities, the media and the paparazzi, the brands and sponsors, the participants and guests, and the general public.

Anne Hathaway

The public likes to check out what their favourite personalities had worn. Of course, this is possible due to the over-enthusiastic media and influencers. 
While looking at the photographs and videos of this year's festival posted on Twitter, I wondered about a lot of things. Where to from here? 

Some top actresses of India were dressed in elaborate gowns and looked like western fairy-tale princesses.

Cinderella must have looked like this at the ball? Which of the following is your favourite?

Hina Khan

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai

Deepika Padukone

Pooja Hegde

Tamannaah Bhatia

India is the 'Country of honour' this year- a first for any nation.
Some actresses were present during the inauguration of the India Pavilion.

As part of the official delegation and invitees, at least for this occasion, we would have loved to see them in Indian wear.

But, it was sad to note that none of them were dressed in Indian clothes; except perhaps actress Tamannaah Bhatia, who was in an experimental pre-draped saree.

And then, in their western wear and high-heels, the leading ladies danced impromptu when folk artist Mame Khan sang the Rajasthani song Ghoomar

Source: Zoom TV

Is this what Indian representation means?

I would love to see our rich handlooms and weaves getting showcased at such world events.

If our representatives and ambassadors don't wear or use and champion our clothes and products, why would others do the same?

How can we create demand for our handlooms and crafts unless we ourselves use and promote?

Imagine the kind of publicity our Geographical Indication (GI) products would have received, had the celebs made informed and responsible choices.

While looks, status, and clothes mean a lot to some, and they over-plan every event well with extra outfits too in place, a few others believe in being gentle to the planet.

Musician Ricky Kej has an eco-friendly and sustainability focus. 

This is what he shared on Twitter:

"I was at the Grammy Awards & Cannes Film Festival and wore the same outfit. #ReWear4Earth your clothes and do your part in saving our planet. Fashion industry is one of the most polluting. The Earth wouldn’t remember what you wore. It will remember how you treat it #RedCarpet "

Images source: Twitter

What do you feel about the clothes worn by celebs at important events like the Cannes Film Festival? Do share your comments below.


  1. Interesting. You could have also wrote about actor R. Madhavan praising Mr. Modi's digital economy vision at Cannes 2022.

    1. That will need another post :) Have written a long post. Will share later.
      In this one, added a few points about the clothes - that seems to be the prime focus of the media & all instead of the movies!

  2. Vir Das kinda is doing that, he exclusive asked for Indian small scale designers for an international appearance

    1. That is great. I feel- all must do this all the while with determination & a smile.
      Will be great for our local weavers, producer groups and brands.


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