Monday 16 May 2022

Death News Reports of Celebs- Pallabi Dey And SSR

 It is always terrible to learn about the death of celebrities. Though we have never met them, we feel a sense of loss. Sometimes, those who are too involved with the celebrities, are inconsolable. This is about the real-life. 

Even the reel-life death totally shakes people.

I remember the death of the character "Mihir" in the episode of TV-soap opera- "Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi." The regular viewers were so shocked and many cried such a lot that everyone had puffy-eyes the next day. The loss was personal as though as family-member was no more. After all, the daily soap and its loved characters had become a part of every family and everyone watched daily. 

Today, it was sad to read about the death of a Bengali TV-actress- Pallabi Dey. Though I never knew of her before nor have never watched any of her shows, still I feels bad that we lost a young, beautiful, and talented actress. This is how the news has been covered by the Economic Times, Pananche-

Pallabi had been "found hanging" in her apartment at Kolkata that she shared with her partner.
Apart from no usage of the word "suicide" in the report, I notice the following in the careful and responsible reporting and handling of this case-
  • The police did not instantly jump to conclusion and declare that this was a case of suicide.
  • The police are transparent and are also awaiting the result of the post-mortem report, instead of ensuring that her remains should be quickly burnt off. 
  • The responsible police is "exploring the case from all angles".

Almost two years ago, during lockdown in 2020, we lost a super-talented and highly intelligent movie-star - Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR).

Even today, his unnatural death has not been forgotten and fans continue to trend hashtags about SSR on Twitter, believing it to be a case of murder. Everyone must know the truth.
We are still awaiting the results of all the CBI probe and rightful justice for SSR.
His second death anniversary is next month on June 14th, and yet we are nowhere close to knowing what really happened.
Meanwhile, many reports continue to unfairly cite SSR's example as "mental depression", "suicide", "burnout" etc.

In fact, such reporting began right from the first news report. 
  • Stories were fabricated and though different characters gave different different versions, there was not attempt to call them out or to explore what the truth was. 
  • Everyone was so quick to react and to accept that it was "suicide". 
  • The post-mortem was botched up, rather a sham.
  • The police and those involved wanted to quickly burn off his mortal remains so that the injury marks and other evidence on his body would not be discussed and there would be no investigation.  
This is how SSR's death was reported by the Economic Times Panache-

Some more views in my posts here-


What has really happened no one knows. In many cases, the evidences are tampered - even the CCTV footage is made missing or damaged. If there was no hanky-panky, and had it been a natural death or that by suicide, why or how would the affected/dead person have ensured tampering of evidences and spoiling CCTV.
It does not take much logic or rocket-science to figure out why would anyone indulge in destroying evidence.
Things are not as they appear. All must remember that 90% of the ice-berg is submerged, and we can just see 10%. Till there is clarity and information is being shared by a person who is trustworthy and is aware and a conscientious authority, news media must not jump to conclusions and spread misinformation.

News reports must be shared with responsibility, especially those carrying sad news of death of TV and movie-stars. 
Do you agree?


  1. Actors touch our hearts and minds through the diverse characters they portray.
    Celebrity lives are a lot different from the lives others lead. They are in public limelight, and their lives are led by the imperatives of popularity and business. Though glamourous, their lives are a lot harder.
    If and when they leave, and that too on their own will, it's very difficult to even believe that they are no longer around.
    Sometimes there are no traces of clear evidence, and it's tough for even for the best sleuths.
    One can only hope and pray that they stay peaceful , where ever they are.
    I fully agree with you that media -- be it the traditional institutional media or the new-age social media -- have to be careful and responsible when talking about such tragedies.
    (My latest post: Online games and the idea of beauty)

    1. Thanks for sharing. Totally agree with you.
      That is the power of media and the roles and characters they portray. They have tremendous reach and huge power and prestige and great status in society.
      We want the truth to be shared. Sadly, that's not the case and many stars like SSR are yet to get justice.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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