Tuesday 16 June 2020

Sushant Singh Rajput - Talented Star Shines On

A rank-holder with a brilliant and analytical mind, 
Chose acting & decided for the Bollywood grind.
He left his engineering course, without nitty gritty;
He rejected scholarship from a foreign University.

His good looks, hard-work, passion, screen presence, 
His raw energy, talent, boyish charms & smartness... 
He trained hard; his extra effort shines in all he did. 
He supported students & sponsored the less-privileged.

He inspired his fans, replied to messages & gave hope.
And then he had to face abuse, battle demons & cope...
He had a cool bucket-list; was already fulfilling dreams. 
Few saw his delicate frame & heard his inner screams.

His disarming smile hid deep secrets & gave no clue.
Many were unaware of what he was going through. 
Some caused/knew about this; couldn't stop him-
Circumstances are responsible for this step extreme. 

A very shocking & sad news for his fans lay in store-
That this dynamic complete entertainer is no more...
We mourn his loss; feel a family-member has gone far;
He'll continue to shine in our sky like a bright star.

Amul Image Tribute
Source: Amul on Twitter

He wore many hats. 
Sushant Singh Rajput was a multi-talented and hardworking actor, who has sadly exited our world. 
Wikipedia describes him as "an Indian actor, dancer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist."

This Sunday, 14, June, 2020, I was extremely saddened to learn that he had chosen to exit our world.
I had never watched any of his popular shows on TV like 'Pavitra Rishta' before watching his superb dance performance in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa-4 dance-reality show.
Later, when I learned of his debut Hindi movie, Kai Po Che, I really wanted to attend the premiere show and meet the star. There was a contest.
I was a winner in their contest and was thrilled to win a pass from UTV Films!
I wish I could have attended Sushant Singh Rajput's debut movie's premiere show at Mumbai.
I later watched it in my city. I was sad to see him dying at the end of the movie- Kai Po Che.

Despite not having met him, I'm personally extremely pained, more so after knowing this golden personality and all the nice things he has done and all the comforting and motivational words he has shared, and the thoughts he has implanted in minds. 

Source: Sushant Singh Rajput on Twitter

It is a revelation to read the nice words penned by his fans, whom this down-to-earth star personally replied. It's touching to see his simplicity and how hard he tried having to be his own cheer-leader, who had to push his films. Sad that he never got credit for his last major work, nor was nominated in the film awards for Chhichhore.

In the past few years, some movies have focused on 'suicide' like 'Chhichhore' & '3 Idiots'; sadly, in real life, we have had to encounter many cases...
Technology has made our lives so connected, yet we feel so distant and aloof. Though there is a lot of self-help, motivational and spiritual content available, yet our society has to grapple with such heart-wrenching cases. As hypocrisy reigns and opportunists garner attention, remember that karma will play the catch-up game. 

My message for those who are contemplating such an exit-
"Choose life & hope, don't give up without a fight.
Remember that day ALWAYS follows night."

You can read my entire poem - Choose Life, Don't Give Up.

I wrote this poem in 2014 to share my thoughts on getting the sad news that the acclaimed Hollywood actor, Robin Williams, had decided to end his life. He was suffering from depression.

A few months earlier in the same year, when it was claimed that Sunanda Pushkar had "committed suicide", I never bought the theory. Till today, no one knows what really happened to the gutsy lady with the never-say-die spirit - Sunanda Pushkar - Some Qs & As

Sushant Singh Rajput's exit feels like a personal loss. 
This thinking, loving and gentle soul certainly deserved better.
Wish he could get to see how much he is loved and missed.
May he be at peace in the space where he is now. 
In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."- Buddha


  1. Yes, true, it feels like a personal loss. We lost a promising star in this cruel world who could not fight with the demons.
    We should see that More aspirants don't choose the same track rather they should be groomed to face the odds gladly as a part of life. #SSR

  2. hard work really has no substitute he really had the potential to create history may his soul rest in peace

  3. It is really a shocking news and very disturbing too..I have vague memory of the tele serial, but remember the dance show. I was inspired by his movies Dhoni & Chichore... couldn't digest this fact that he had taken such a extreme step. May his soul rest in peace... the bucket list and his love for stars is fascinating. RIP Sushant Rajput..

  4. What a beautiful tribute! 2020 hasn't been too kind to several gifted people. But many conspiracy theories too are doing the rounds too that it might not have been a case of suicide at all! And if that is proved to be true, then it would be terrible

  5. Sushant's going away feels too tragic. In every house they talk of him like their own family member has gone away. And very rightly so. So talented, so brilliant, so handsome, so kind, such an awesome dancer, so fit, so humble....it's such a shock that he took his own life. Chhichhore is one golden movie of Hindi cinema..it deserved the Oscar... completely original & one of the best ever. He was the most brilliant in it. Om Shanti Sushant. We will always and always love you.

  6. What a pulsating review. I still get goosebumps when suddenly his videos play up while browsing on the Internet. His smile went up to his eyes . This society teaches us how to celebrate success and not handle setbacks . Probably he was a star in real sense and his own light from within had to explode into the Universe...


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