Wednesday 26 January 2022

The Restaurant

The "Out of the World" restaurant was a favourite place.

Customers loved the food and also the decor.  

The brilliant ceiling art glowed and illuminated even at night! 

Photo Prompt- Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Many interviewed the talented artists, who happened to be the restaurant owners.

They always looked youthful and vibrant.

They had nothing when they had arrived, and now they had earned millions. 

Establishing a popular restaurant in a new country is an achievement.

No one knew the reality.

The restaurant and the owners were truly out of the world.

They were a part of the UFO that had landed half a century ago.

100 words story for the Friday Fictioneers

Do you believe that aliens exist? Please share in the comments below.


  1. I also so ufo there but decided not to go with it

  2. Does it count that I feel I do not belong to Earth? Maybe I came from a galaxy far, far away.

  3. Out of this world story, Anita.



  4. They came where no living being has gone before

  5. Aha, I'm not the only one who saw a space ship in that light.

  6. So in this case, when the staff say the bosses are from another planet - it's true :)

  7. No, I don't believe in ETs, but they sure are fun in a story :)

  8. Move over Roswell!
    Fun story A!

  9. As Carl Sagan said, The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space.'

  10. They found the perfect place to study humanity. Great story.

  11. who knows, the rest may have landed on earth a million years ago

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