Thursday 13 January 2022

Samba Dashami - Festival of Odisha

Samba Dashami was celebrated on 12 January, 2022. It is observed on the dashami tithi of the bright fortnight of Pausa month. 

It is a traditional festival of Odisha to honour and worship the Sun God- Surjya Debata- the source of light, energy, and life. 

Sun God is worshipped for a healthy and happy life. A variety of dishes are prepared and offered.

As per the “Surjya Purana” also known as “Samba Purana”, Samba, the son of Shree Krishna, was cured of leprosy by worshipping the Sun God in the holy Chandrabhaga  beach at Konarka on this day. Many devotees take holy dip in the sea.

Samba Dashami is also called Sambar Dashami. 

There is another story. On this day, Samba had helped Pradyumna, son of Shree Krishna, to kill the wicked demon king, Sambarasura. To celebrate this victory, “Sambar Dashami” is celebrated. 

The Sun God worship is done at homes. This is a family festival in Odia homes where the women and, especially mothers, pray for the well-being of their family, and especially for the children. The worship rules viz. number of times Sun God is worshipped, number of foods offered etc. vary from family to family. 

Food items in the following image- Clockwise from top left corner-

1. Saaga

2. Tomata Khatta

3. Ghudughudia Tarkari

4. Kamala- Orange

5. Nadia- Coconut

6. Seu- Apple

7. Kadali- Banana

8. Gaintha

9. Palau- Vegetable Pulao

10. Methi Parata

Centre plate-

11. Budha Chakuli

12. Suji Kakara

13. Muduka

14. Suji Pitha

Whenever a baby is born, mother or senior woman member of the family wish a particular food in the baby’s name. That special dish is prepared and offered. Some examples are Rasagola, Khiri, Kakara, Chandrakanti pitha etc. Sometimes, other items/products are offered so that Sun God will be pleased and will always protect the child. 

Mothers dedicate a particular food for their children. A large number of items are prepared in big families.

Samba Dashami is a festival of the post-harvest period. Eating and feasting and fulfilment and happiness is associated. 

Odisha has many such unique festivals. 

All the dishes in the above images have been prepared by my sister-in-law. I got to savour this treat:)

The first and third images have been shared by my brother. 


  1. Odisha is one of the places I have yet to visit.

    1. You are most welcome! Please do visit Odisha.
      Do let me know when you plan.

  2. Such a cute custom, the food also look yum

    1. True, Pooja :) Look & taste great too!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for introducing this festival.

    1. Thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement.
      Absolute pleasure.
      There is a lot more that I wish to share. Hopefully soon.


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