Thursday 20 January 2022

Remembering Mom On Her 10th Death Anniversary

Losing one's mother is one of the toughest phase.

Her memories are always there; no one can erase.  

My mother's tenth death anniversary is today. 

She epitomized the words 'alive' & 'action' everyday.

Dear Mummy, Miss you & feel your presence everyday. It's been 10 years! What can I say? I know that loved ones don't go away. You are with us & will forever stay. Your loss has been tough to bear. You're our guardian angel, you're near. Can feel your grace, though can't see/hear. Your memories & words will always be dear. Truly blessed to be your daughter.πŸ™ Fond remembrance today as always.πŸ™ Today's newspapers- 1. Dharitri 2. The Samaja 3. Sambad
Papa has been getting these published in mom's memory in 3 newspapers each year on this date. We lost her - the most loving, kind, beautiful, wonderful, multi-talented, super-efficient, capable, brilliant, enthusiastic, friendly, noble, radiant... divine soul- 10 years ago in 2012. Had never shared about this here on FB, else it would show up as a memory. Mother and memories of mother are always close to our heart. πŸ™ A decade is a long time. They may be physically absent, but mothers are and will always be alive as a part of us. They bless us by their divine presence. Mothers are immortal. Heaven must be an extra special place with so many mothers, and especially mine.πŸ™πŸ’ "Mother and motherland are greater than heaven." Hope we can do enough to repay their debt by Mahaprabhu Jagannatha's grace.πŸ™πŸ™ Jaya Shree Jagannatha🎊

Request to all whoever is reading this- Please express more, hug your mother more often and serve her with love and care while there's time to spare.

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