Thursday 9 September 2021

You, Me, And You #UMeUBlogHop

You once professed your deep love for me- 

Believing you, "You & Me" merged as one! 

I accepted your "Team WE" proposal & identity;

Complied with your ideas of intimacy & fun. 

Fought with my upset family; it was you I chose.

Just you in my heart & eyes, I severed all my ties. 

"Till death do us apart", we took our holy vows. 

Our inter-religion marriage would sure win & rise. 

They warned- "All this is a lie, eye-wash, smart plan"-

I was yet another virgin prey for you & your group. 

Promising you my all, I offered myself as your top fan. 

Consumed by your love, I was the flavour in your soup.

I dreamt my life would be an eternal honeymoon-

With you by my side as king, I'd feel like a queen.

My high castles in the air collapsed pretty soon.

You metamorphosed into a beast, unheard & unseen.

I tried to keep my faith, persevere, & to keep pace, 

You & your family forced me into the conversion.

I was simply a prize-trophy, forgotten after the race.

I bore you heirs; you exploited fruits of our relation.

Your stance, glance, care, & words were absent; 

Did you ever realize my purity, sincerity, & worth? 

Misused & took me for granted; free & God-sent-

To marry & serve you was the reason of my birth? 

You made me dance to your tunes, like your slave- 

"Mission Ownership"- fulfilling your lust & dreams. 

Loyalty, passion, soul- all I bared & mindlessly gave. 

I was shaken & stirred; you heard no sobs or screams. 

When you remarried, I felt pierced by many knives, 

With the vocal support & joy of your community. 

Scope for more as you were permitted extra wives.

While social borders & walls didn't let me be free.

My parents, siblings, & well-wishers were so right-

No "You & Me"; it was all about YOU & your game. 

Red flag of my patience, hope, & trust took flight. 

Shattered, battered, emotional mess- I was to blame.

YOU were the hero in the Universe I had created. 

You were my orbit; also sun, moon, planet & star!

You are now different from whom I loved & wed- 

You are poles apart- cold, unknown, aloof, & far...

The way I loved you, only if you had ever loved me truly- 

You'd accept & give me prime space in your Universe too.

With love, sanctity, & priority- not as a fake converted story.

YOU'd gift ME my due- a respectful place next to YOU

“This post is a part of ‘UMeU’ Poetry Blog Hop #UMeUBlogHop organized by Manas Mukul . The hop is brought to you by Soul Craft and You, Me & The Universe.”

Can one partner's Universe influence that of their team-member's?

When the beginning is a lie, should we maintain such a Universe?  

Should "Team WE" be together with such a fake "You & Me" foundation? 

And with such lack of respect, sympathy, divinity, & sincere intention?

What do you feel about unreasonable demands and such horrific post-marriage transformation, attitude and behaviour and cheating? What should the poor woman do? 

Please do share your comments below.

Though this poem is about an interfaith marriage, some wives also suffer a terrible fate even if married to a man of their own community or religion. My heart cries for all the gullible women cunningly trapped in such loveless marriages where they are traumatized, simply treated as commodities and baby-bearing machines to be misused, exploited, replaced, and discarded. Sadly, such cases are on the rise. 

There are exceptions too. Do read my post about two happy inter-religion marriages- 

Religion No Bar

Our collective Universe can be a better place to live only if YOU & ME have the intention and take action. Why can't we treat everyone with respect and dignity? Why play with anyone's trust & life?


  1. It breaks you, you loose hope and the worst of all you blame yourself but the fact is these kind of beasts deserve all the hatred and pain. I am feeling pain reading this but I know how true is this in our male dominating society. More and more power to women. We don't deserve this just walk out.

    1. Thanks for stopping by & for sharing your thoughts, Swati.
      Truly a great loss for women. They leave everything for "love" & are then left in the lurch.
      Walking out is not an option for many as they have no support-system.
      In many cases, their own parents refuse to take them back...

      Strange are the ways of fate & of the world.
      Hope there is justice for women.

  2. That was truly a touchy writeup it took a piece of my heart, splendidly putten up in words as a woman and being in the same shoes of getting an intercaste marriage can resonate on your words just too good.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation & your views, Soni.
      Glad you liked it.
      Even in intercaste/interfaith/international marriages, we observe some wives being at the receiving end.
      But, many such marriages do survive & thrive despite the stark differences.

  3. Brilliantly written and brings out a sensitive topic really well. A marriage needs to have respect first and foremost whatever be the religion.
    Kudos to you to present it in a sensitive way.

    1. Thanks for your nice words & appreciation, Deepika.
      Agree with your views. High time all realize that the foundation of a marriage is love, trust, understanding & respect.

  4. Yes this merging of identities can be blissful but also painful, well expressed

    1. True. There's bliss & pain- rainbows & rain.
      Sad when some some have an overdose of pain & rain.

  5. The warning signs are warded off with all the fake promises and person in love commits to trust blind folded. Anita, always liked your narrative style of poetry and with a message to ponder the poetry is touching the right element of the universe.

    1. Yes, we tend to believe and hope and pray that all will be well.
      The warning signs are pushed under the carpet or like skeletons in the cupboard
      Glad you liked it, MeenalSonal.

  6. Love lost to lies and lacking... Well expressed in your word weave. I can feel the pain and emotional trauma she had to go through daily being a shattered, battered emotional mess.
    Much love, hugs, strength and boldness to get rid for those who have to suffer and bear this relationship.

    1. So true. Many are sadly in such position.
      Hope all our hope & prayers will reach and touch them.
      Wish we could repair relationships by our positive thoughts & wishes.
      Thanks for sharing, Pragun.

  7. Heart breaking to read the betrayal she must have felt. Yes sometimes the UMe doesn't work out the way one might have dreamed. Wish everyone could treat each other with dignity and respect. But life is never perfect. Maintaining one's own self respect is of importance in such cases.

    1. Absolutely, Ira.
      You & Me looks great in the beginning for most couples, but then each has a different and unique story. Sad that some unspeakable elements are common for some.
      We pray for dignity and respect for all.
      In many cases, the victims are so mentally & emotionally disturbed that they completely crash and forget self-respect. Support-system is needed.

  8. Hard hitting and poignant tale narrated beautifully as a poem. Respect of oneself is most important and it's better to find your solace than stay in a relationship where you are used.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing. Glad you liked it.
      Yes, such toxic relationships need to be avoided.
      There has to be love and respect- not objectification and misuse.

  9. This kind of transformation is heartbreaking and it is justice denied for patience and love. Well written.

    1. "Justice delayed is justice denied".
      Mostly, there is delay in expression & assertion.
      Mute acceptance of everything and full loyalty is encouraged by our society- for the woman.
      For men, there are no restrictions! So unfair.
      Thanks for your appreciation :)
      Thanks, Sivaranjini.

  10. Such a hard hitting reality written with apt choice of words. Her pain and agony is felt deep. Her self respect is important and it has been nailed.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views, Ramya.
      May no one be subject to such pain.
      All deserve respect. May all be aware and take action.
      Glad it appealed to you.

  11. Heart-wrenching story. I immediately thought of a conversation from a Tamil movie. The groom is torturing the bride for more dowry money from her parents. The bride says: When I was young my mother used to bathe me, powder me, and put my dress. After I reached a certain age, she stopped that. Now, a few hours after our marriage I have to stand naked in front of you. And for that my father has to pay you?

    1. The woman is always considered inferior and treated as a burden.
      We need to raise strong daughters and empower our group.
      Economic and social security is needed.

  12. Vices of the society … will take ages to get rid of them but the faith must always remain that things will change . Emotional depiction

    1. Let our faith be strong. "Keep the faith".
      May we work for and attract the best.
      Society is constituted of people like you and me.
      Things will change when everyone makes the effort.
      Thanks for reading & sharing, Shalini.

  13. This was such a hard hitting tale. Unfortunately this is the harsh reality of many women who are exploited in the name of marriage and compromise. May God give them courage and strength to stand up for themselves. Your poem focusses on the much needed awakening.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your views.
      May there be no such compromises.
      Hope we never get to read/view about such gory exploitation and conversion news-reports.
      May all souls be awakened and empowered.

  14. Love which begins on the note of a lie, always ends in disaster. I loved the use of Mission Ownership and trophy wife to emphasise your point. Kudos on writing a strong and narrative poem👏

    1. Exactly, Namratha. Disaster will takeover those families that serve lies as foundation.
      It is "Mission Ownership" as the woman no longer owns anything- not even her body or heart :(
      Thanks for your kind words and appreciation. Glad you liked it.

  15. A strong and narrative poem on a very sensitive issue. This is a harsh reality of our society. Marriage should be based on love and respect, if not, then there is no point of being in such a relationship.

    1. Absolutely, Abha. The foundation should be love, respect, understanding, trust- not lies, deception & fake behaviour.
      Hope we never get to encounter such incidents again.
      Thanks for your maiden visit & for sharing your views.

  16. A sensitive topic has been portrayed in the raw manner which is so true and prevalent in many cases. ' Marraiage' should never be exploited. Well written.

    1. Hope no person or institution is ever exploited.
      Thanks, Gowri. Glad you liked it.

  17. A powerful piece that showcases today's reality where marriage has become a game and the bride a commodity. Every single word written is a harsh truth of the so called Modern Society !! It breaks one who has to tolerate such inhumane exploitations. The need of the hour is to stop glorifying a male child and justifying his actions in this male dominated society , creating equal grounds for women, normalizing divorce and re-marriage . Superb Composition !!

    1. Yes indeed, Chinmayee. Costly game & exploited commodity.
      Sad that this is our society's reality.
      Agree with your thoughts. May women earn their due & dignity.
      Thanks for your appreciation. :)

  18. The beauty and cruelty of love many of us have been prey to it in various forms. Very powerful lines and strong emotions, Anita.

    1. Sad that the beauty & love is short-lived in some cases.
      Praying that may there be no prey.
      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it.

  19. A toxic relationship, be it of any kind, need to be broken and gotten out of.
    A painful but powerful poem!

    1. True, Pri. Sadly, this is the reality-
      Those who are trapped, have no means to get out of the muck & toxicity.
      Thanks for sharing your views.

  20. I am speechless Anita, you have brilliantly weaved the pain of women who are living or went through such a hellsome life. We are so use to of watching and listening such tales of betrayal on the name of blind love but I must say the way you showcased all in few words is commendable!

    1. Imagine what they must be going through every second & every day, when even writing or reading about such women in distress feels like hell...
      Thanks for sharing your kind words & feedback, Archana.

  21. Hard-hitting words, woven so beautifully...I could feel her hope, happiness, pain and sorrow. You are right, irrespective of religion or caste, many women face these kind of atrocities. My heart goes out to them. Well written, Anita! Keep up the fab work!

    1. Hope & happiness is short-lived as pain & sorrow unfortunately takes over in some lives...
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and for sharing your wonderful words, Mayura.

  22. Decent post, things clarified in subtleties. Much thanks to You.

    1. Thank you so much for your maiden visit & for your appreciation.
      Much has been left unsaid.
      Please do visit often :)

  23. A hard hitting piece with all the pain and suffering that a soul undergoes when stuck in a stagnant relation like this when one of the
    partners acts as the boss and treats the other as a subordinate...can totally relate to the heartbreak

    1. We can only pray that may there be no such cases & no heartbreak.
      May relations be based on truth & trust & love; and not be fake...
      Thanks for stopping by & sharing, Leela.

  24. The last line is killer, Anita. A punch in the gut! You've shared a story many are living, under the guise of 'love'. Loved reading this!

    1. By the side as an equal partner earning deserved & respectful place-
      How tough is it to stick to vows & grant partner her rightful space?

      Thank you so much for your great feedback & appreciation, Mayuri.

  25. You have used the theme and took it to another level in bringing out such a strong and poignant message. Any marriage whether interfaith or same faith or same sex should be about equality n equity. Great one Anita ji. Thank you so much for choosing to be a part of the #UMeUBlogHop #Jokerophilia

    1. This has been an opportunity to share regarding this sensitive issue that deeply affects me.
      Agree with you - the foundation of such a sacred bond like marriage should be equality & equity.
      May relationships be based on trust, understanding & respect.

      Thanks for the prompt & for hosting this BlogHop and for inviting.
      Glad to participate & to have got a chance to express about this topic.
      Thank you so much for your appreciation and support, Manas ji :)

  26. 'A respected place next to you' I cant tell in words how much I loved these lines. This is what everyone wants, needs. If equal respect is given to both in a relationship by both sides then every relationship can be positive. What a strong poem.

    1. Yes indeed. That's everyone's need.
      Agree with you. May there be equality & respect in very relationship.
      Thank you for sharing your views, Neha.


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