Wednesday 22 September 2021

That Lady In Red

She looked bewitching in the red off-shoulder dress.

He just couldn't wait to lay his hands on her.

He put his right arm around her lissome waist and holding her right hand in his left, entered the hotel's elevator.

He continued his conversation by saying sweet-nothings to his ladylove. 

He was aware that all his activities were being watched.

Photo Prompt- Liz Young

The glass elevator offered little privacy. 

His subordinates wondered what had happened to their boss. 

The elevator reached his floor. 

The CCTV in the corridor just showed him coming out as the sole occupant of the elevator, and entering his hotel-room.

100 words story for the Friday Fictioneers

This story is inspired by the 2012 Hindi movie- Talaash- The Answer Lies Within. There is a hotel scene with a glass elevator too in the movie if I remember correctly :)

What do you think happened? Who was the mystery lady in red? Do share in the comments below.

Take care and stay safe everyone. 

If you must use the buttons in the elevator, you know what to do. Please sanitize or wash your hands properly. Note- Covid is still there...


  1. Your hotel manager has the same ability as my narrator.

  2. Dear Anita,

    It doesn't sound like it ended well for the lady in red.



  3. If the elevator was so transparent how did he do such a good job of losing the lady?

  4. I have no clue! Where did she go? Was she in his imagination? Great story, leaving the poor reader wondering what happened :)

  5. Very good! A vampire....

  6. Fun mystery. My guess is that she was a cleverly orchestrated Princess Leia-type hologram.

  7. Great response! I love that she just 'disappears!'

  8. Anita,
    A ghostly tale. Loved it!

  9. My guess is she only existed in his mind - how she got there is the question!

  10. Interesting - so everyone present sees the lady - the camera men dont.

  11. May be she did not come out in his floor and went down to the first floor (Indian ground floor) because he tried to come on strong with her.

  12. I'm thinking perhaps he's been there in the past with the lady in red and his memory was playing tricks with him. Or his a magician!

    Here's mine!

  13. Hm, intriguing! I suppose she must have been a ghost and he was not willing to let his "ladylove" go.

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