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Rasgulla Songs - Odia Songs Dedicated To Rasagola #RasagolaA2Z

Despite being the birthplace of Rasagola, Odisha did not have many songs dedicated to Rasagola. 
However, thanks to our celebration of #RasagolaDibasa online from 2015 onwards, the "Rasgulla debate/controversy" was sparked, and now there are many songs in honour of this sweet delicacy.
Rasgulla songs have not only been created in Odia language, but in many other languages of India also. 

Just do a simple search for Rasgulla songs on Google/YouTube. How many results can you find?

The activism and advocacy for Rasagola Dibasa celebration and for Odisha Rasagola Geographical Indication (GI) tag resulted in some creative song and music endeavour. 
Some of them are shared below:

1) Rasagola Song 

Rapper Big Deal included Rasagola in his rap song.
From 2015, this writer has been contacting stakeholders and eminent personalities of different fields and sensitizing them about the Rasagola issue and requesting for support for representation of Rasagola and Odisha in the media. 
Audio visual media like songs, documentaries, movies etc. have a great impact. 
Following efforts to connect with Rasagola stakeholders from November 2017 and to bring them on same platform, and the Open Letter To Odisha State Government Regarding Rasagola that was shared on various social media- Facebook & Twitter in January 2018, Team OTV contacted this writer regarding the Geographical Indication (GI) tag. 
They aired LIVE interview and shared information about GI and the need for immediate submission of Odisha Rasagola GI application.

OTV organized the maiden Rasagola Mahotsav on January 14, 2018 for which they created a Rasagola song.

2) Rasagola Song
'Aama Rasagola' is a major Rasagola song, courtesy team OTV. 
The catchy tune and lyrics of the 'Aama Rasagola' song for the Rasagola Mahotsav instantly grabs attention! 

Lyrics: Nirmal Nayak
Music & Singer: Abhijit Majumdar

Odia Lyrics:
"Aama Maati Mitha, Aama Mana Mitha;
Aama Katha, Aama Geeta, Sabu Mitha Mitha;
Sei mitha ku ahuri mitha kiye karidela? 
Rasagola, Rasagola, Sie Aama Rasagola..."

English Translation:
"Our land is sweet, our mind is sweet;
Our talks, our songs, everything is sweet sweet;
Who made that sweet even more sweeter?
Rasagola, Rasagola, That's Our Rasagola..."

3) Rasagola Song
On the eve of  Niladri Bije 2018, popular singer Smt. Susmita Das released 'Aama Rasagola' song. 
This is a wonderful composition with foot-tapping music. 

Lyrics: Devdas Chhotray
Music: Bibhuti Bhushan Gadanayak
Singer: Susmita Das
You can watch the stage performance of the song here-

Odia Lyrics:
"Rasagola nuhe aajira katha-
Aama Odisha ra mithei pedi re, Rasagola hela gaja mukuta; 
Jagannatha aama saakhi, Jagannatha aama saakhi-
Lakhminka sangare hasiki kha'anti chaakhi chaakhi chaakhi Rasagola."

English Translation:
Rasagola is not today's talk (invention)-
It is like the jewel in the crown of Odisha's sweet basket; 
(Shree) Jagannatha is our witness, (Shree) Jagannatha is our witness-
With (Devi) Lakshmi, He smilingly savours and eats Rasagola.

4) Rasagola Song
But, we were happy to watch the LIVE telecast on our TV screens.

From centuries, offering Rasagola has been a continuing tradition on Niladri Bije, the last day of the Rath Yatra. We celebrate this day as Rasagola Dibasa i.e. Rasgulla Day.
Shree Jagannatha has to gift Rasagolas to Devi Lakshmi to gain entry inside the temple after His Rath Yatra with siblings. You can read more here- Sweet Yatra

It was wonderful to be gifted another meaningful song by Team OTV on the occasion of Niladri Bije 2020. 
Lyrics: Debidutta Mohanty
Music & Singer: Sarat Nayak

Humbled to share that Shri Debidutta Mohanty revealed that he thought of this writer's request and composed this song for Rasagola Dibasa 2020.

You can watch this video to see the visuals of the actual Rath Yatra and Niladri Bije ritual that happens each year, as a part of centuries-old continuing tradition. 

Odia Lyrics:
"Mitha Rasagola tiye khaiki, Mitha katha padey aasu patiki;
Mitha Rasagola handi haatey dhari, thia hebey mo sa'antey kete ghadi? 
Gaali diya nahi, daraja kholo go, maana tumbha bhaangi deiki-
Maa, maana tumbha bhaangi deiki"

English Translation:
By eating a sweet Rasagola, may some sweet words come to (your) mouth;
How long will my Lord (Jagannatha) stand by holding a Rasagola pot in His hand? 
Please don't scold, open the door, pacify (your) anger (calm down)-
Maa, pacify (your) anger (calm down).

The lyrics are in the words of a devotee addressed to Maa Lakshmi and requesting Her to forget Her anger, and to open the door, and allow Shree Jagannatha to enter the temple.

5) Rasagola Song
Here is a cool Odia Rasagola rap composed and sung by Software engineer by profession and musician by passion, Twitter user, Manas R Dash-

In his rap song, Manas has answered the question- Rasagola belongs to whom?

To Us (Odias)

Lyrics, Music & Singer: Manas R Dash

Odia Lyrics:
"Rasagola Kahara? Aamara; Rasagola Kahara? Aamara;
Khali gote prashna, gotiye hi uttara- Rasagola Kahara? Aamara;
Loke kahibe- Khali mitha tiye paain ete ladei kahinki? Odianka paakhe anya kaama nahiki?
Kaama Achhi; Aama Sanskruti paain aama naama achhi..."

English Translation:
Rasagola is whose? Ours; Rasagola is whose? Ours;
This one question just has one answer- Rasagola is whose? Ours;
People say- Why are you fighting for just a sweet? Don't Odias have any other work? 
(Odias) Have work; Our sanskruti (culture) has our name..."

Have listed a few Odia songs dedicated to Rasagola. There are many more available online.
Many thanks to the efforts of all those, who composed music and lyrics and sang such peppy, meaningful, and wonderful Rasagola songs, and shared online.

I’m participating in the April #A2ZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

S For- Songs
I am writing A-Z posts about Rasagola26 #RasagolaA2Z posts this April :

A- A To Z of Rasagola - April 1- Utkala Dibasa

B- Blatant Lies And Biased Reports About Rasgulla Invention

C- Cottage-Cheese, Chhena And Comments About Rasgulla

D- Rasgulla Day - Rasagola Dibasa Celebration

E- Odisha Rasagola At Exhibitions And Events

F- Facts, Fake News, And False Information About Rasgulla

G- GI Tags of Odisha And Odisha Rasagola

H- Historical Evidence of Rasgulla And Research

I- Indigenous Knowledge, IPR, Rasgulla And Indian Sweets

J- Lord Jagannatha's Favourite Sweet & Food

K- Khirmohan And Rasagola

L- List of Lunar & Solar Indian New Year Days

M- Maha Bishuba Sankranti Or Pana Sankranti

NName Rasgulla, Niladri Bije And New Year Wishes

O- Odisha Art And Sweet- Pattachitra And Rasgulla 

P- Proposal to Odisha Government For Rasagola And GI Celebration

Q- Quiz About Rasgulla 

R- Rasabali And Rasagola

This sincere attempt is to share information about Rasagola/Rasgulla and #EndRasgullaDebate.
Rasagola is a part of Odisha's traditional knowledge, continuing tradition, cultural heritage and identity.  
More Rasagola posts here.
This is my fifth #A2Z Challenge, and my last four challenges have been about Odisha, India. 
Are you aware of Rasagola/Rasgulla? Did you know that Rasgulla originated in Odisha? 

Please do share any information about Rasgulla that you may have and which you feel must be documented and shared so that all are aware.   


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    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your nice words.

  2. I liked the rap song on Rasagola! Loved to add new things to my knowledge:)

    1. Thank you for sharing your feedback and your song choice :)
      Always nice to learn new things.
      The last song- Rasagola Kahara rap, right?

  3. Its another great effort. Music binds us and what better way to promote a cause
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    1. Thank you so much :)
      Yes, indeed. Agree with you. Music is a great medium to share, promote and connect.

  4. Love this rap song. With your permission, I would like to share this video clip with my American friends.

    1. Thank you very much.
      It's a matter of great pleasure.

      "Sharing is caring".
      Of course. Please do share. Let all be aware.
      Thus, have shared the English translation in this post.
      Let everyone know Odisha's association with Rasgulla.

  5. This is such a SWEET post. The association of Rasagola to Odisha is really commendable. I opened all the playlists and enjoyed the music. Couldn't understand the lyrics much but your English translations came to rescue. 'Mitha rasagola tiye khaiki' made me drool over these delicious sweet balls.

  6. Well it is nice to have all the Rasagola songs at one place. The translation you have given will certainly help otherto relish the songs.

  7. Music binds, connects and impacts. What can be better than using music and spreading the right information! I loved all the music albums shared by you and had a smile on my face. More such songs need to be created and shared , as per me.

  8. Oh wow, rasgulla songs, I didn't understand odia words, but the tune and rhythm were fun to listen. The translation helped me understand the meanings although. hahaha why are we fighting for a sweet...


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