Tuesday 13 April 2021

Khirmohan And Rasagola #RasagolaA2Z


Though we had started the Rasgulla Day celebration on social media to #EndRasgullaDebate, yet even today, misinformation regarding Chhena and Rasgulla "invention" continues.
This is just one of the YouTube videos on the topic. 
Many erroneously believe- Rosogolla/Rasgulla belongs to Bengal; Khiramohana belongs to Odisha! 
They are yet to know that- Rasagola and NOT Khirmohan/Khiramohana is the bhog/prasad on Niladri Bije of Rath Yatra.
Bhitarachha Mohapatra is the sebaka of the Shree Jagannatha Temple, who prepares Rasagola for the said ritual. Two years ago, when this writer asked him about Khiramohana, he expressed his ignorance and said that he hadn't even heard of the word!

Owing to the incorrect information available online, there are many myths about Khirmohan and Rasgulla. Here are a few-

Myth 1. 'Khiramohana' "WAS" offered to Shree Jagannatha in the Puri Temple.

Truth- Nothing called 'Khiramohana' was or ever has been a part of the dishes served in the Puri Temple. 

Myth 2. Khiramohana was the original name of Rasagola offered in the Puri Temple. 

Truth- As per centuries-old continuing tradition, servitors have been offering original 'Rasagola' (and NOT Khiramohana) in the Puri Temple. 

Myth 3. The word 'Rasagola' was first coined and used in Bengal; Odisha copied it from Bengal.

Truth- The word 'Rasagola' finds mention in centuries-old texts like the Odia Ramayana dating to the 15th Century when Bengal's capital city didn't even exist! Rasagola's link with Odisha is as ancient as the Rath Yatra of Puri, Odisha.

Myth 4. Name 'Rasagola' started to be used instead of 'Khiramohana' in the Puri Temple. 

Truth- Name 'Khiramohana' was never used in the Puri Temple. Niladri Bije is a continuing tradition from centuries. Each year on the last day of the Rath Yatra, Rasagolas are offered to pacify Goddess Lakshmi and to the deities. 

Myth 5. Khiramohana is brown. Brown coloured sweet is offered in the Puri Temple.

Truth- The Rasagola offered on Niladri Bije, the last day of the Ratha Jatra, is white.

PC: @manojmishratwit- Twitter

Myth 6. Brown Rasagola belongs to Odisha, while white Rosogolla belongs to Bengal.

Truth- In the birthplace of Rasagola, Odisha, there are many varieties, sizes, and shades and colours of Rasagola including white, cream, orange, brown etc.

The word Rasagola is not shown with Odisha. The truth is suppressed and ignored. 

This map shows Khirmohan and not Rasagola with Odisha (while Rosogulla is shown with West Bengal)-

People know what is shared and what they read or are told. Just because "everyone knows" something, does not mean that it is true- 

Fresh articles and reports are based on previously published articles and reports that have incorrect information about Khirmohan and Rasgulla- 

This article was published in Rath Yatra Special 2019 edition of the Odisha Review magazine- 

What is Khirmohan? 

It is the brand name of "Brown Rasagola" being sold by Bikalananda Kar's Sweets of Salepur, Odisha.

Rasagola is called 'Khirmohan' in some places of Odisha like in Salepur. 

Khirmohan is a variety of Rasagola for which Salepur is famous.

Khirmohan is brown/orange in colour.

Khirmohan, "Rasgulla with a tan", is also available in Chouparan, Hazirabagh district, Jharkhand, as per the video shared in this tweet by Rocky and Mayur-

As per this article in the Indian Express:

This is the way incorrect and misleading information is being spread.

Requesting all media and public to please share the truth about Rasgulla. It is linked to Jagannath culture.

Note- Khira mohana or Khirmohan "was" NEVER a part of Puri Temple's sacred rituals. Rasagola was and is still being offered every year as per the continuing tradition of Niladri Bije, Rath Yatra.

Some find this Rasgulla issue 'sickening', 'tiring' and 'boring'; while others feel this 'fight' is 'silly and inconsequential'. Misinformation about Rasgulla continues. We have two choices- either accept the incorrect info regarding Rasgulla or share the facts and make everyone aware.

This writer has been consistently and persistently writing and sharing about this topic from 2014 onwards. Dedicated efforts have been to settle this Rasgulla debate and to put an end to this controversy once and for all. #EndRasgullaDebate. Thus, this writer had initiated the Rasagola Dibasa #RasagolaDibasa- Rasgulla Day celebration on social media in 2015. Thereafter, this writer had facilitated the filing of the 'Odisha Rasagola' GI application. Odisha has earned the GI Tag for Odisha Rasagola in July 2019. However, the misrepresentation and misleading, biased, and fake news reports, articles, and videos still continue. Such propaganda must stop. Rasagola's Odisha origin must be known and accepted. Only when the truth is shared, people can learn and be aware. May truth triumph.

I’m participating in the April #A2ZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

K For- Khiramohana, Kheermohan, Khirmohan, Kheermohana, Khira Mohan, Khira Mohana
I am writing A-Z posts about Rasagola26 Rasgulla posts this April.
This sincere attempt is to share information about Rasagola/Rasgulla.
Rasagola is a part of Odisha's traditional knowledge, continuing tradition, cultural heritage and identity.  
You can check out my other Rasagola posts here.
This is my fifth #A2Z Challenge, and my last four challenges have been about Odisha, India. 
Are you aware of Rasagola/Rasgulla? Did you know that the Rasgulla originated in Odisha? 
Please do share any information about Rasgulla that you may have and which you feel must be documented and shared so that all are aware.  


  1. Thanks for enlightening about white and brown rasagolas.
    As usual a very informative post.
    K for Karaga

  2. I am so amazed to read all of this i wasn't aware and you have been tweeting about this for so long. Truly kudos to your efforts
    Deepika Sharma

  3. Had never heard of Khuramohana before... What lies really! Anyways this brown Rasagola now reminds me of the pahala Rasagolas which are a tinge brownish... Do they also have a special name... Are they also promoted or they will also be one day claimed to be not associated with Odisha!

  4. You have nicely shown the differences between Khiramohana and Rasagola and cleared the alibi of those who were questioning the origin of Rasagola from Odisha.

  5. Very informative post... Even though I am a big fan of bengali sweets, I haven't heard of brown Rasagola... Thanks for sharing..


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