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GI Tags of Odisha And Odisha Rasagola #RasagolaA2Z

Geographical Indication (GI) is a type of Intellectual Property Right (IPR).

Some unique and reputed products of different geographical areas of India have earned the GI Tag.  GI is a distinctive certificate used to identify a product as originating from a particular region or locality that has specific qualities, reputation or other unique characteristics. GI products are linked with the culture, traditions, history etc. of a geographical location. 

As on date, Odisha has 17 GI products.

List of the Geographical Indication (GIs) Of Odisha-

  1. Kotpad Handloom Fabric - Handicraft
  2. Orissa Ikat - Handicraft
  3. Konark Stone Carving - Handicraft
  4. Orissa Pattachitra - Handicraft
  5. Pipli Applique Work - Handicraft
  6. Khandua Saree and Fabrics - Handicraft
  7. Gopalpur Tussar Fabrics - Handicraft
  8. Ganjam Kewda Rooh - Manufactured
  9. Ganjam Kewda Flower - Agricultural
  10. Dhalapathar Parda & Fabrics - Handicraft
  11. Sambalpuri Bandha Saree & Fabrics - Handicraft
  12. Bomkai Saree & Fabrics - Handicraft
  13. Habaspuri Saree & Fabrics - Handicraft
  14. Berhampur Patta (Phoda Kumbha) Saree & Joda - Handicraft
  15. Araku Valley Arabica Coffee - Agricultural
  16. Kandhamal Haladi - Agricultural
  17. Odisha Rasagola - Food Stuff

The above is the correct list of Geographical Indications of Odisha.
Different lists with some omissions and additions can be seen while referring to the "GIs of Odisha" lists shared in multiple online articles and news reports.
Note- Some sites also list the "logo" of "Orissa Pattachitra" as a GI, which is not correct.
Note- Orissa Pattachitra handicraft had earned the GI tag earlier. The logo was updated later.
Logo should not be counted in the list.

The GI Application for Odisha Rasagola was submitted on February 23, 2018.
Odisha Rasagola was awarded the GI Tag on July 29, 2019.

The images of the coloured pages attached with this post are pages from the article- Geographical Indications (GIs) of Odisha- published in the Utkala Dibasa special issue- April 2020- of the Odisha Review magazine of the Government of Odisha.
You can read the full article here.

Some find this Rasgulla issue 'sickening', 'tiring' and 'boring'; while others feel this 'fight' is 'silly and inconsequential'. Misinformation about Rasgulla continues. We have two choices- either accept the lies regarding Rasgulla or share the facts and make everyone aware.

This writer has been consistently and persistently writing and sharing about this topic from 2014 onwards. Dedicated efforts have been to settle this Rasgulla debate and to put an end to this controversy once and for all. Thus, this writer had initiated the Rasagola Dibasa - Rasgulla Day celebration on social media in 2015. Thereafter, this writer had facilitated the filing of the 'Odisha Rasagola' GI application. Odisha has earned the GI Tag for Odisha Rasagola in July 2019. However, the misrepresentation and misleading, biased, and fake news reports, articles, and videos still continue. Such propaganda must stop. Rasagola's Odisha origin must be known and accepted. Only when the truth is shared, people can learn and be aware. May truth triumph.

I’m participating in the April #A2ZChallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

G For- GI, GI Tag, Geography, Geographical
I am writing A-Z posts about Rasagola26 Rasagola posts this April.
This sincere attempt is to share information about Rasagola/Rasgulla.
Rasagola is a part of Odisha's traditional knowledge, continuing tradition, cultural heritage and identity.  
You can check out my other Rasagola posts here.
This is my fifth #A2Z Challenge, and my last four challenges have been about Odisha, India. 
Are you aware of Rasagola/Rasgulla? 
Did you know that the Rasgulla originated in Odisha? 
Please do share any information about Rasgulla that you may have and which you feel must be documented and shared so that all are aware.


  1. The Rasagola AtoZ is capturing everyone's attention. You're doing a great job by acting as a fighter for Odisha.
    I support Odisha for the origin of Rasagola.

  2. Your efforts for the great cause have really been commendable, Anita. Best wishes!!

  3. Your contribution for getting GI tags for many indigenous products of Odisha is certainly praiseworthy.

  4. Your keen interest to bring forth the truth and contribute towards rightful information is certainly laudable.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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