Wednesday 14 October 2015


She had early childhood memories of going round in a carousel.
The pace was leisurely and she had loved the merry-go-round and waved whenever she crossed her mom.

As a young lady when she went to the newest amusement park and tried out the carousel, she didn't find it merry as she was terrified.
PHOTO PROMPT - Friday Fictioneers- © Ted Strutz
It was high-speed and as it was so fast, there was hardly any time for her to spot her mom in the crowd.

Though she was feeling giddy, she held on with the belief- 'What goes around, comes around'.
She reminded herself, "What starts must stop!"

She philosophically thought that she was trapping herself inside walls and feeling scared to dare, while she ought to be freely roaming in the air.
“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”Isaac Newton
She decided that she needed to build more bridges to connect with her fears and overcome them.

Phew! The carousel stopped and she emerged stronger!

Do you have any carousel memories? What do you like building- walls or bridges?
Do share in the comments below.

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  1. That ride is NOT for me. Too chicken! I like to build bridges. Love people and getting to know them.

  2. Oh ! I always had that nausea after the ride. I still do. :)

  3. I often find myself having to tear down walls I start building because of fear and insecurities. It is much better to build bridges. It is easier to cross a bridge than it is to climb a wall. I like the way you merged the blog hop prompts. Thank you for being a part of this week's In Other Words.

  4. he he he my favourite I make sure i have this ride everytime I get to go to a theme park :)



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