Saturday 18 April 2015

In The Waiting Room

The Little Mermaid, Ariel had fallen in love with the Prince at first glance.

She badly wanted legs and had contacted Ursula, the Sea Witch.

Ursula's condition was that she would grant Ariel legs in exchange of her voice.
Ursula asked Ariel to wait while she went to fetch the required magic-herbs and potions.
Painting by Daria Petrilli ; PhotoPrompt- Magpie Tales

As Ariel sat in the waiting room, she pondered about her decision.
Was she doing the right thing by trading her voice for legs?

How would she communicate with the Prince if she would have no voice?
While she longed for the Prince's caress, she realized that she didn't even know the Prince's feelings for her!

In those few minutes in the waiting room, Ariel thought of all her fish friends and her life in the ocean.

Would she feel like a fish out of water in the Prince's land?
Would she have to pout like the rest of the human-females she had seen?

Getting legs in place of her fish-tail would never change her past. She would always be a Sea-Princess...

Ariel decided that she needed some more time to decide whether to go ahead with the exchange!
If the Prince loves her, he would accept her the way she is.

When Ursula arrived, Ariel had already left!

This is my ending for Hans Christian Andersen's story- The Little Mermaid. I felt sad reading one version of the story in which Ariel loses her voice for legs and the Prince doesn't remember her.

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  1. nice one Anita :-)

  2. Love it, Anita. I liked this story better than the original. The original is sad.
    Besides, love is about accepting the other person for himself/herself.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I like your ending, Anita....take me the way I am!

  4. Interesting. I haven't read the original , but this whole concept of writing a new ending to an existing story is itself wonderful. I m now thinking, for which stories , I can write an alternate ending. Thank U Anita, u put me on a new thinking mode...

  5. wonderful take, Anita :)

  6. You have great imagination Anita...
    going good :)

  7. What a sweet story! It is very creative and I am happy because you left us with questions instead of tragic ending :)

  8. great post! That prince charming should wait for the princess actually rather than expecting her to change for her.

  9. wonderful take Anita and I am not saying it just for the sake of it as I have read many new-age versions of old tales , introducing twists and sometimes making them cruel which I abhor. To add realistic approach or to make it practical , pragmatic irrespective of the result is one thing but to turn the protagonist evil or malicious is another which have made my blood boil at many times .
    Glad your Ariel is liberal and has a strong head on her shoulders ... I really liked it dear :)

  10. A voice is too important to give up for a mere prince (and he shouldn't ask either). Great story.


  11. Great write! Though we all need a strong voice in today's world, maintaining one's integrity and originality is crucial to our feelings of self worth.

  12. I love your Ariel so much more than the original. Intelligence and self-worth is a lot more attractive than blind love. Besides, she should probably talk to the guy first before she gives up so much for him.


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