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In the recent Hindi-movie, ‘Krrish 3’, Kaal Company unleashes an unknown Virus in Mumbai.
The effects of the Virus are debilitating, with the masses getting immediately affected and the healthcare & hospitals reeling under pressure. However, the movie’s protagonists- Rohit Mehra (Scientist/Father played by Hrithik Roshan), Krrish/Krishna (Superhero played by Hrithik Roshan) & the pregnant Priya Mehra (Journalist & Krrish’s wife played by Priyanka Chopra) are safe from its harmful effects. 
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Earlier, in the movie, ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, Rohit Mehra had benefited from the powers of Jadoo (an alien from outer space). 

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Consequently his son, Krrish, has also inherited the super-powers by birth. But, though his Krrish's wife, Priya, is on-site and is covering the news as a TV-journalist, she is saved as she is pregnant with their child, who also has the same blood. Thanks to Jadoo’s magic, Mehra family’s blood has the anti-bodies to be strong, healthy and immune & counter such terror. 

They remain unscathed and Rohit Mehra even manages to self-create a vaccine. For immediate problem solution, Krrish sprays it all over the city, exterminates the Virus and saves India – both health & wealth-wise. Not only are the citizens cured & normalcy returns, but also national wealth is saved as India does not have to depend on or pay Kaal Company for the vaccine! 

After watching this reel-life blockbuster, I really wished everyone had such immunity powers in real-life and India can be saved! 
A Stronger, Healthier & Immune India is the India of my dreams.

However, the reality is starkly different. Unfortunately, our India is facing severe Health dangers. It is said- ‘Health is Wealth’. 

“Health is…
a disease-free body.
a quiver-free breath.
a stress-free mind.
an inhibition-free intellect.
an obsession-free memory.
an ego that includes all.
a soul that is free from sorrow.”
– Sri Sri Ravishankar

A healthy nation means better productivity and makes good economic sense.
An immune nation means less man-hours are wasted as people’s bodies can fight against the germs and diseases.

When IndiBlogger gave an opportunity to share our vision in the Immune India Contest, I was happy and confident that this would earn our India some great ideas and solutions and a wealth of information.

Planning & Action
A healthy nation is not the matter of chance- it is a matter of choice & thorough planning. Just planning is not enough, sincere intention, action and implementation is required.
How can we save India? By planning & making everyone take action…

Information & Awareness
“Only when people are informed, they will become aware;
Only when they become aware, they will take action”
-Ndyakina Amooti

Very apt words as only when people are informed and are aware, can we expect them to take action. That means Information & Awareness can ensure Discussion & Solution.
Health-information can be shared with the general masses through the print, radio and electronic media, plays, theatre, street-shows etc. Putting up posters, hoardings and handing out pamphlets can help too.

Change For A Bright Future
Information, Awareness & Action as discussed above can lead to Change. There has to be a change in the attitudes, the mindset & the way things have always been done so as to expect a change in the general living and society… We need to adopt the right and responsible processes and emerge out of shadows and get ready to march into a glorious and healthy future.

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR can bring about a huge change and make India’s health picture a lot rosier. There are Companies that are working to help create a better India. Apart from the Government initiatives, sustained CSR efforts can ensure a day when there will be an India where no child goes to bed hungry and has clean drinking water. Preventable diseases will be prevented and child mortality will be reduced...

Challenges & Solutions

I listed some issues that directly or indirectly relate to health, that I feel India is facing. These need to be addressed for our nation’s health-progress.

Overpopulation- India’s population makes developmental works, in all the fields including health, challenging.
Raise awareness about- ‘Small family is a Happy Family’- ‘Hum Do, Humara Ek’ (We Two, Our One {kid})!

Education & Illiteracy Problems- Most of India is still illiterate and education-levels are low.
More stress on better quality education services for all as development is faster for an educated nation.

Gender Inequality & Women’s Empowerment- Women are treated as second-class citizens. There is female-infanticide. Those who survive, aren’t provided education or better quality life.
Women’s education is of paramount importance as ‘Educate a woman and educate a family.’

Poor Health Services- Many places do not have basic healthcare facilities like hospitals. There is a shortage of doctors. Counterfeit or expired Medicines or non-availability of medicines also persist.
No compromise on Health facilities & Services. Employ PPP (Public-Private Partnership) & NGO help.

Alarming Scenario- India is fast becoming the Diabetes and Cancer-capital of the world.Diabetes is known as the 'silent killer' as it slowly damages the vital organs, nerves and blood-vessels.
More information about better diet and healthy lifestyle needed. Timely diagnosis and proper medication is a must.

Poor Disease-Management- Malaria, Dengue and other diseases are rampant. As per Government data, ‘This year’s dengue outbreak is the worst in 6 Years’ with 55,063 dengue cases reported this year till October 28, 2013. It is sad that many distrcts lack Eliza kits. Diseases like Swine Flu, Bird Flu, HIV, Hepatitis etc shock the administration from time to time. 
Kolkata is back in kala-azar grip.
Better Prevention and Mitigation. Illegal farms and businesses must be stopped as flies inhabit these places.

Poor Emotional Health- Depression is a silent-killer. There is an alarming increase in the number of suicides.
New Age Schools & Change in Education System needed.

Extreme Hunger & Poverty & Unemployment– Able bodied citizens are not gainfully employed. This in turn means no disposable income to spend on good healthy food as India still has Below-Poverty-Line (BPL) families.
It is sad that of the most nutrition-deficient countries in the world, India ranks second.
Financial Access for Food can be enabled with Food for Work Programme and MGNREGA- Poverty Alleviation through Schemes. Greater transparency in ensuring proper handing over of free grains and foodstuff to BPL families.

Food Wastage- When so many are going hungry with no proper meals, tonnes of food are callously allowed to go waste in godowns & granaries. Pest-infestation is also there.
Proper maintenance and storage required with strict enforcement.

Inflation- With rising costs of foodstuffs and fruits and vegetables like Onions & Tomatoes, some over 150% within the last couple of months, Inflation can play havoc with our health-plan & diet with most items being pricey or not affordable.
Price-control & Stability needed with action against the guilty. Proper Transport Network, Stopping Speculation & Hoarding & Increasing supply will help.

Physical Availability of Food- There are regional differences in food availability in India’s various states. Recently West Bengal refused to send Potatoes to other states, making it tough.
Transfer Food from State of Surplus to those of deficit. 

Adulteration- Many food grains and products are adulterated. Consumers are taken for a ride. Some unscrupulous elements add inferior quality or poisonous items to make a quick buck- Food-grains, Milk, Oil…you name it and it has attracted dangerous additives and adulteration that can prove deadly.

Mr. India VideoCover.jpeg
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In the Hindi-movie, ‘Mr.India’, Mr. India (Invisible character played by Anil Kapoor) targets the shopkeepers and the agents of the villain, Mogambo. Mr.India makes the girlfriend of the agent feed- ‘Kankad-Pathar’ to give the agent a taste of his own medicine! Good punishment for indulging in adulteration!
Unfortunately, we don’t have Mr.India to solve this for us. 

Recently, Mid-day-Meals have been in the news for the wrong reasons. Kids falling into & dying with burn injuries in the Hot curry meals while they are being cooked…Lizards &  caterpillars found in and causing death of kids…Rotten eggs being served to kids…
Government has to take strict action and ensure good healthy products are available.
ENSURE SAFETY & QUALITY OF FOOD- Innovative Nutrition-Schemes should be launched with Nutrition intervention promoting healthy & balanced diet.

Unsustainable Agriculture Practice– Non-Scientific agricultural practices, excessive fertilizer use and improper Irrigation techniques cause ground-water depletion and health-disasters.
Scientific agricultural practices, natural manure use and proper Irrigation techniques are needed.

Conflict/Disaster– In conflict or natural disaster hit areas, early intervention is needed.
Better food-solutions needed and combat diseases at early stage else immunity will be threatened.

Poor Sanitation– There is open defecation with 53% households or 620 million people in India doing so. 

In the Hindi film, ‘3 Idiots’, the character ‘Chatur’ (also referred to as Silencer in the movie!) says– “There is no place for ‘Mutra-Visarjan’ in this country” (Mutra-Visarjan means Urination) Though there are Sulabh Souchalayas, yet their number is less.
More toilets are needed to cater to the large population. 

Such an irony that November 19th was 'World Toilet Day', yet half of India does not even know what a Toilet is...

As per a World Bank Report, 'absence of toilet is one of the important contributors to malnutrition'. 
The report was released on the eve of the first UN World Toilet Day. 
The World Bank has said 'access to improved sanitation can increase cognition among children.'

Poor Hygiene & Cleanliness- Open defecation and garbage dumping and disposal has its secondary problems like flies.
It is said- ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ Better to train everyone as it impacts public health and the environment.

Environment-Unfriendly Acts- Deforestation is allowed without any afforestation laws. Pollution is increasing at all levels- Air, Water, Ground, Noise… Increase in the use of plastic that’s not bio-degradable is a concern.
More Parks and Open Spaces so that our kids and everyone can breathe fresh-air and see greenery. Kids can play and be active and healthy.

Violation of Child Rights & Human Rights- Sorry to find that inequality exists even after 66 years of Independence & India’s ‘Fundamental Rights’ are yet to be upheld in real spirit.
Ensuring Rights...


Lifestyle Change

Social, behavioral, physical, psychosocial and physiological factors have affected our kids. Modern life has lifestyle disorders, stress, asthma, diabetes, cardiac problems, cancer…
There has been a great change in the Indian lifestyle, it having become more Videshi than Shuddh Desi!
Expecting-mothers need protection from viral infection during pregnancy that can result in congenital defects in the child. Further, Diabetic, Obese, Smoker/Alcoholic mothers can also give birth to unhealthy or deformed kids.
Whether it is having Cornflakes or processed foods for breakfast or having fried-items or snacks or junk food... Kids like samosas, burgers, pizzas etc. that may not exactly be healthy (unless prepared by a health-conscious Mom!)
Research has shown that processed and junk-foods have caused severe problems in children like early-puberty and weight-gain. Further, Obesity comes with its own after-effects like Diabetes that is being diagnosed to even kids…
Kids are now showing traits of adults which is ALARMING and needs to be addressed right away.

Emotional Balance & Love & Security

Nuclear families with both parents working, can mean lesser time and attention for kids. This can have its own impact like poor health. (My personal real-life story at the end of this Post highlights this.)
Kids must feel loved and cared for. Also a loved kid will have better emotional health and no depression or suicidal tendencies as she/he will feel happy and blessed. When we are happy, then our body is more immune. 
Sense of touch is very important. We must tell our kids that we love them and HUG our kids more often. Hugging has its health-benefits!
Munna Bhai M.B.B.S., 2003 Hindi film poster.jpg
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The Hindi-film, ‘Munnabhai M.B.B.S’, advocated ‘Jaadu ki Jhappi’ (Magical Hug). Munnabhai (Goon-turned-Doctor-Character played by Sanjay Dutt) that set a lot of things right by employing his mother’s tried and tested formula- ‘Jaadu ki Jhappi’! He cures patients! 
Sense of smell can have its own feel-good effect and hence good-health and immunity too. Aromatherapy can be beneficial to raise spirits.

Good Diet or Nutrition

Mothers can enforce a good diet for their family. It is said- ‘We are what we eat’. Actually, ‘We are what we eat, what our Mothers ate and what their Mothers ate!’
‘Good Nutrition Starts From The Womb’
Quest for Healthy India can start right from a child’s CONCEPTION stage.
Early motherhood is a concern. Before the baby is born, the would-be mother needs care & attention & proper nutrition.
‘Charity begins at home’.
It makes sense to have caring and sensitive families to take care of the would-be-mother and later both the mother and child. This sure is serious business and no child’s play.
A correct diet means ‘Healthy Eating’.

Image Courtesy: Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Kolkata

Healthy Diet
Being a fussy-eater can have its health-problems. Children ought to have a balanced diet with fresh, seasonal food items. Having the right food at the right time is important. Skipping meals is a strict no-no. Mothers must encourage consumption of salads and sprouts. Garnishing dishes with spices and herbs instead of synthetic products will be natural. Dry-fruits like Walnuts, Almonds & Pista etc are good for growing kids with their Omega-3 Fats. Artificial colours, preservatives and other chemicals should be avoided.

Prevent Cancers
Fruits and Vegetables contain many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that protect the body and help prevent some cancers. As per studies, one-third of annual cancer deaths are due to dietary factors. Nutrition-related issues like consuming fatty food-rich diet can cause cancers.
There must be at least 30-40 grams fiber intake daily for cancer prevention. Natural, unrefined and unpeeled foods have high fiber. Eating various vegetables containing cancer-fighting Carotenoids can be helpful. 

Natural Immunity & Longevity
Lemon-juice with a glass of warm water and honey is very good for health. Lemon is a Citrus fruit that contains Vitamin C that provides immunity against coughs and colds. Linus Pauling won the Nobel Prize for this discovery. A glass of such lemonade every morning before breakfast can be beneficial. I had read that Indira Gandhi, the only female Prime Minister of India & the ‘only man in the cabinet’, always followed this regimen.
Get glowing skin by simply rubbing a peeled lemon on your skin. | EPS
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Honey and Milk are extremely beneficial and wholesome foods that must be a part of kid’s diet.
My grandfather always has a banana after all his three meals. Recently, I read a research study that advocated such Banana consumption for good health & longevity.
Eggs are very essential and have been proved to enhance immunity. ‘Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz khao ANDEY’ (Whether it’s Sunday or Monday, have EGGS everyday).

Fish is good for the health and increases immunity.

Good Habits

A recent ad shows a Tiger-Mom who stresses the importance of “Good Habits” and says, “Good habits are not formed in a day or easily”. There is little doubt that forming the right habits right from inception is very essential.

Experts say ‘being active and having a fitness regime are crucial to the growth’.
Children require real exercise everyday. ‘A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.’ Better to get kids to go for cycling, swimming or other physical sports and activities. Exercise boosts their energy and provides head-to-toe-benefits. Physical exercise reduces obesity and cancer-risk. 
The New Delhi Municipal Council will set up 33 eco-friendly gyms that can be used for free. There should be more such initiatives in other cities too.

Good to spend fewer hours as Couch-Potato in front of TV or Computer-Screen or just being a book-worm!

Exposure to Sunlight-
Bliss, knowledge and wisdom are Sun himself. I bow to Mitra, Bhanu, to the shining one, the cause of the universe and let Him protect me from death.” – Atharva Veda
Our body gets Vitamin D with exposure to the Sun. 

Washing Hands Properly-
Kids must be trained to wash their hands with Soap/Handwash before eating food or after returning home from outside. 
Every year, about 2 million children die of Diarrhoea and Pneumonia globally.This menace can be tackled by washing hands thoroughly before eating.

Sleeping Right-
Kids need proper sleep for their well-being. During sleep, their brains are developed. That leads to better immunity. A good night’s rest can mean a cheerful child, rather than a frazzled/grumpy child & parents! A regular bedtime and routine needs to be established. Sleep also aids Memory.

Water Consumption-
Kids must be encouraged to drink 6-8 glasses water to replace the body-fluids. Water has to be purified as there is a risk of many water-borne diseases.
Parents need to note- too much protection can be harmful. Take the example of my Senior-Citizen neighbours. They drink pure UV-filtered water and Aunty does the cooking using the same water (and not tap-water that I use). Whenever they go out for food or have any dishes from outside, their immunity is severely threatened and they invariably fall sick. Small children & elderly people are most susceptible to any changes.
In many villages, there is no electricity and there are no sophisticated water-purifiers. In schools, solar-powered-water-purifiers must be installed. NGO SANA is implementing this in some rural schools. More NGOs must come forward to make India immune.

Nutritional Supplements-
Iron supplements are given to adolescent girls in some places. Some kids need extra supplements owing to nutritional deficiencies. The B-complex group of vitamins, Zinc or Calcium deficiencies can cause pain in the limbs of growing children.
A powdered combination of one or more food-grains like maize, bajra etc in water or milk is healthy. It is called Sattu (in Bihar) & Chhatua (in Odisha).
Health-drinks are readily available to enhance the taste of milk and provide additional nutrition for the growth of children.

New-Age-Schools & Education System

Practical & No Pressure-
I believe that our education system needs to evolve with the times. Apart from plain rote-studies, the practical approach and questioning spirit needs to be inculcated.
There should be less focus on grades and more on actual understanding and learning. That should help as a solution to over-burdened, depressed and suicidal kids. 

Image Courtesy
They must feel “ALL IS WELL” as Rancho (Smart Engineer Character played by Aamir Khan) upholds in the Hindi-Movie, ‘3 Idiots’. (In the movie, Rancho’s senior commits suicide owing to study-pressure.)

Ask kids to come to school even when they are sick. That way, the immunity of the entire group will build up.

Proper Guidance-
Schools must be made aware. ‘Catch them young’. Their impressionable and curious minds should get the right channels and outlets.

Indian kids are really smart. My kid is a gadget-freak who knows more about their operation than me or my hubby! As per a survey published in The Times Of India (TOI) today, ‘Indian Kids more aware than US, UK peers’- Indian Children in the age group of 8-12 years are more knowledgeable and concerned about global issues than their counterparts in the US and the UK.

My point is- Why don’t our Schools teach our kids more about saving our health and environment? Teachers and Schools can guide kids to actually make their parents and adults fall in line and adopt good habits e.g. carrying cloth-bags instead of demanding plastic-bags! Kids can inspire parents and their families to live healthier and greener lives.

Today’s TOI also has another article that informs ‘Kids less fit than parents were at their age’- ‘A child today takes 90 seconds more to run a mile than his counterpart did 30 years ago.’
Researchers have found that children’s cardiovascular fitness is declining worldwide.’ It means our kids won’t be as fit (as we are now) when they are adults and may suffer from poor health-conditions like heart disease later.

Yogah Kamashu Kaushalam” (Yoga is skillful action) – Bhagavad Gita
Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”
– B.K.S. Iyengar, The Father of Iyengar Yoga
I feel Yoga must be compulsorily introduced in all the schools.  It teaches kids to attain concentration and self-control. Yoga provides developmental and immunity benefits. Just like a good diet, Yoga in daily life can help India.

Schools must include Prayer or Meditation daily as these have healing benefits. Kids can feel enthused and energized with the positive power of prayer or meditation.

Music & Dance-
Learning Music & Dance can enhance the feel-good serotonin levels. The medical world is already using these to treat npatients. They can be very soothing and relaxing and appeal to the higher creative and intellectual pursuits. I feel Music & Dance must be given greater chance & schools will earn more fans at a glance! There will be a stronger, healthier & more immune India for sure.

Technology To The Rescue

In today’s Internet-age of Smartphones and Tablets, Apps can come to the rescue to help build a more immune and healthier India. Health-Apps can be developed, popularised and used to better India’s health.

Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth- Emphasis on India’s vast treasure-house of ancient knowledge can help naturally in the modern times. I have shared more information in my Post. Some Indian kids are lucky as they have the best of tradition as well as modernity. 

Ayurveda means- ‘The Science of Life’. Application in modern life has been useful.  Many herbs and plants are used in Ayurveda. Some of them are listed here.

Dabur Ayurveda

Chyawanprash- India’s Rishi-Muni (Sages) had a wealth of knowledge and developed amazing products like the Chyawanprash. Regular use of the Chyawanprash is sure to make India stronger, healthier and more immune, that too in a natural way without aide-effects.

Proper Immunisation- Vaccines in proper ages of the child are a must. In case kids fall and hurt themselves, Tetanus Injection must be administered.
Kudos to India’s Polio campaign and its Brand Ambassador, Amitabh Bachchan and the phrase ‘Do boond zindagi ki’ (Two drops of Life) that has achieved a breakthrough with no more fresh cases.
There are some diseases like the Chicken-pox, the immunity to which is achieved after experiencing it. However, why take the pains? As an unfortunate victim of Chicken-pox two and half times, I can vouch that it is much easier to take the preventive vaccine!
It is high-time that we invest more on R&D and develop our own indigenous and low-cost vaccines (and do not have to rely on foreign-companies or high-priced ones like in the Krrish3 Hindi-movie!)
‘Prevention is better than the Cure’.

My personal experience-

God has been kind to bestow me with educated and experienced parents and in-laws who have guided me with and used traditional and natural processes and methods for my kid.

Ethical Doctor- I am lucky to have Dr. Arabinda Mohanty as the pediatrician of my child. Dr. Mohanty strictly said “NO Dabba-Khira” (‘Dabba’ means Box & ‘Khira’ means Milk in Odia), “only Mother’s Milk as Mother’s milk is best for the baby”. Mother's milk has many natural anti-bodies that can make the baby strong & healthy & provide immunity. Colustrum, the initial Mother’s milk, is recommended right after the baby's birth for its vital ingredients.
NO ‘outside’ food for the kid. First 6 months, exclusive diet of Mother’s Milk and thereafter, Mother’s Milk along with “Roti-Dal & Rice-Dal & Curry & Juice” – items straight from our Kitchen with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals…
May the tribe of such ethical doctors rise.
I can proudly say that I have not spent money on such processed baby-food tin-cans for my kid.
I do hope may many kids come to the forefront when there is the Hindi film dialog-
Agar Maa ka Doodh piya hai, to saamne aa!” (If you have drunk mother’s milk, then come to the front!)

I can proudly claim that my kid has strong bones and is tall thanks to the good massage and nutrition that my mother has provided me and my kid!
My kid has always got natural products.

My real-life story-

Both my husband and I were working (my hubby still does!) in the Software Industry. My husband was away for work very frequently, sometimes for longer periods like a fortnight or 2-3 months. I had kept a part-time governess for my kid. However, when I returned from office, I’d find my kid totally drained out, inactive and drowsy. The governess said that my kid has finished all the food I had prepared for her in the morning. Later on I realized who enjoyed all the food and juice!
My kid fell ill on a regular basis and I used up my sick-leaves when either my kid was sick or the governess did not report for work citing she was sick! When I requested for leave, and people asked me the reason and I informed that my kid has fever, everyone at office was surprised and disbelievingly screamed, “AGAIN? OH! NOT AGAIN!” 

But, this was reality. Every week my kid missed school as she was sick, having high temperature for at least 3-4 days. I realized that I had to take immediate action for her health-solution and to drive away my mental tension! That’s when I quit my job. No governess was required any more! 

I took care of my kid and fed her timely and well. I also gave her Dabur Chyawanprash and Dabur Honey with Milk that she simply relished. 

Within three weeks, I found a marked change in her health. My kid no longer fell sick or missed school (Touch-wood!)! 

I am so delighted that the natural Ayurveda and ingredients in Dabur Chyawanprash had helped strengthen my kid.

Apart from the right products and Maa ka Doodh (Mother’s Milk), Maa ka Pyaar (Mother’s Love) and time and attention is also important to build a stronger, healthier and more immune child.

We don't have a second chance to grow. Reminds me of the lyrics of a song from the Hindi-movie, '3 Idiots'. While the first line of the song- "Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain" can be achievable, "I wanna grow up once again" is not possible. The time to grow is NOW.

A mother’s love and sacrifice never goes in vain! 
I am proud that my kid has won a Special Prize in the Dabur Chyawanprash Immune India Campaign!

This was my Post for the IndiBlogger Immune India Contest which DID NOT WIN even a consolation prize!


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  14. Hi! Thanks a lot for such an informative post. Immunity is a topic which is not to be taken lightly. I myslef have been using Dabur Chyawanprash since my childhood to improve my immunity & believe me when I say this that I have been less susceptible to infections such as cold & cough since then. I would suggest that everyone use Chyawanprash and see the positive results for yourself. You can find it online here -


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