Sunday 25 August 2013

Soul Sisters

"Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi, Yuhi Nahi Dil Lubhaata Koi,
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Maane Tu Ya Maane Na..."
-Lyrics of a Hindi Song from the Film- 'Aa Gale Lag Ja' that mean- 
"You must have a previous bond/relationship with me, One can't touch the heart just like that…
Either you know or you don't know, Either you believe or you don't believe..."

Life presents many pains & blisters…
Not to worry coz I have my Soul Sisters!
When they appear like stars in my sky,
It’s no longer tough to walk, I’m ready to fly!
Their friendship is precious to me.
They fill me with joys and ecstasy...
Can’t pick just one Soul Sister for this piece,
Would so like to share many of their stories…

Twitter Handles of some of my Soul Sisters:

@cityslicker_me – One of my good Twitter friends, previously she had her Twitter name as ‘Bumblebee’. We connect well and chat happily. In the initial stages of our friendship, I logged on to Twitter just to hear from her! As she is friends with all, I thought the best name for her would be ‘Miss Congeniality’. You won’t believe how surprised I was to see her new name set as per my thoughts the very next day! I shared with her that even I was thinking that it would be a befitting name for her! This was another proof for me that our minds are indeed connected! Just yesterday, I learnt her real name…

@lacimou – Fatima & I met on Twitter owing to our love for Hindi films and for ShahRukh Khan! Fatima stays in Belgium, yet loves all things Indian. What was amazing for me is that crossing International Borders is as easy as A-B-C! When we wish one another on special days, we know we share a special bond…

@iShilpa_ - One fine day we became friends & then all seems fine! Shilpa’s warm personality touches me. Must mention the counseling sessions I’ve had with her! She sets interesting Twitter Names- ApniFavorite, Miss ChittarChatter…now PancakeMix! Yummy!

@goolmohar – Rach as she named herself, is a bubbly girl. She recently changed her name to Rachh, said it was trying to get lucky! That’s when I asked her if her name was Rachna! We took part in a Travel contest & then I was confirmed! Rach misses me when I am not on Twitter!

@MiniSunami – I found Sunakshi posting very profound & heavy tweets. That time her handle was @KhaaliBrain. I tweeted to her that she did not deserve that handle! Such insights are of a very wise person! She had asked me to check out her Blog months ago. When I finally did, I found that she had posted a story that eerily completed the story that I had posted! Her Blog had the first half of the story, while mine had the second half. We completed the story together!

Time is short and I cannot possibly name all my Twitter friends with whom I have connected pretty well…It may be noted that I have many Soul Sisters! The following is my dedication to all:

All the Wonderful Girls & Ladies & Women – whom I have encountered in so many places. You have touched me with your smile, your gesture, your sacrifice, your trials…your touch…everything is worthwhile. Thankyou! I am grateful for the experience. That one or more moments that we have connected, you have touched my Soul…You are all my Soul Sisters…

What matters is that I know that I have a bond.
And I love their ways and style- Yes, I'm very fond!
An instant connection, a subject of great fascination.
Baffles my imagination as some belong to different nations!
Faces unseen, yet look familiar, I feel strongly about them...
They sparkle in my thoughts & reality like polished gems...
Remembered all my Soul Sisters; but have not wished them on Friendship Day
Many Happy 'Friendship Day' Wishes & Blessings- for a lifetime everyday!


Visit: contest page

I am writing this as part of Soul Sisters Contest - A Friendship Day Contest
Thanks to Women's Web &


  1. Thank you for making me part of your blogpost once again.I'm grateful to you. :)

    1. You don't have to thank me or be grateful to me, Sunakshi. :)
      We got to meet one another as it's God's wish- that we learn and grow with one another.
      We have got to thank God and be grateful to Him for giving us this opportunity...

  2. I would have loved to write about so many Soul Sisters whom I have missed... Feeling terrible...
    But, would like you to know that I may not have mentioned your name in my Blog, but you do occupy a permanent place in my heart & Soul!

  3. True :)

    I have updated my blog too as i told you earlier.It would be a pleasure to see you around. :)

    1. Sure! I'll be there! Thanks for the invite! :)

  4. Anita thank you so much, you consider me as your soul sister and this touching me a lot, really ;-))
    I am very happy & glad to have "met" you, because you are a wonderful,wonderful person and this feels even with all that distance !!
    Big big hug from Belgium my sis ;-)


    "There are people that mark our lives, even if it only lasts a moment.
    And we are no longer the same.
    The Time does not matter but some moments have it for forever. "
    (Fern Bork)

    1. Thanks Fatima for sharing!
      Joys, friendship, happiness...all these get multiplied when shared!
      A BIG Hug to you too!
      Glad to have met you!
      Fern Bork's quote is so true!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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