Friday 9 August 2013

Lessons from Chennai Express

  1. Never under-estimate the power of a common man”!

    Meri Dictionary mein, impossible ka shabd hi nahi hai!” (There is no word ‘impossible’ in my Dictionary!) Even the common man must not feel he is any less powerful! Every person has the energy and potential to achieve anything. It helps to adopt the right values like SatyamevaJayate (Truth always Wins). In the end, the common man, Rahul, triumphs against all odds!


  2. One can reach the right destination even after boarding a wrong train

    Our Journey is more important – the people we meet and greet and what we learn on the way… Life is a great teacher and adopts different means to teach us lessons. Rahul had boarded the train- Chennai Express, just to befool his grandma. He was supposed to be travelling to Goa with his friends. However, the same train proved to be a learning experience and put his life on the right track!


  3. Sincerely adhere to traditional customs & fulfill wish honestly without cheating

    There is a right way of performing duties – religious or personal or related to any sphere. It’s best that we give it our best rather than neglecting or falsifying expectations. Doing the wrong things or things in the wrong way can only prick our conscience and make us feel guilty. 


  4. The best way to escape your problems is to face them”. 

    We cannot run away from problems; we must have the guts to face issues and seek solutions. “Bhaag ke nahin jayenge; Kab tak bhaagenge?” ( We won’t run and go; Till when will we run?) “Bhaagte rehte hain Marathon; Phir ek din sabko chhod ke chale jaate hain.” (We keep running Marathons; But, one day we leave everyone behind and go.) That is why Rahul takes Meena back to Kumban Village.


  5.  It is good to be important, but more important to be good”. 

    Goodness of mind, heart and actions has more value than the importance in the Society.


  6. “Power is Bullshit” if we can’t win the respect of our own family.  

    Social power and prestige and hierarchy means nothing if we are unable to command the trust, support and respect from our own family and near and dear. Meena’s father has great power, but scores zero when it came to his own daughter’s respect towards him.


  7. To stop the Train, pulling Chain is ‘common’.

    Hum log jahan pe khadi hoti; Station wahi se shuru hoti!” (Where we stand, the Station starts from there!) It is illegal to pull chain in the Indian Railways and the people who indulge in the same can attract heavy fines/penalty. However, taking this in the context of life, sometimes we need to decide where to stop our vehicle in the journey of life. 


  8. Body doesn’t have to be big (like Thangabali); one needs a big heart (like Rahul)

    External Body-proportions look small in front of inner beauty and a large, benevolent and gracious heart. It’s better to cultivate and possess a kind and generous heart as in the end the ‘Dil-wala’ (one with the heart) wins! After all, Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge! (Those with hearts will win the brides.) Ultimately, Rahul wins over his ladylove, Meena.


  9. No subtitles are needed when the conversation is direct Dil-Se! (from the heart!) 

    No matter which part of India or the World we belong, we can communicate with anyone direct from our heart. No sub-titles are needed for that…


  10. “There are 1635 languages spoken all over India. But, love has no language”!

    The Universal language of Love conquers all hearts- irrespective of age, gender, region, religion, caste, creed… Let’s spread the language and message of love!


Similarly, a train like Chennai Express doesn’t differentiate us on the basis of our background! We all have a right to board it and enjoy the journey while waiting for our destination. Let’s make the most out of life’s journey!


Watch Chennai Express and enjoy the fun-adventurous ride! Ready, Steady, Po!

            This has some of my lessons from the Chennai Express, 2013 Film.

I have also shared my Chennai Express Movie Review -


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  1. Wow! Having read about a dozen negative reviews here's one which is tantalizing. But does Bollywood really teach all these things ? :)

    1. Great to get your feedback, Mr.Matheikal.
      I believe we can learn from everyone...Bollywood no exception!
      In fact, Movies have always serves as great teachers with good entertaining lessons! Depends on what we choose to learn!

  2. So you have learnt so many lessons from the Movie...This post should go to SRK I guess haha!

    Here goes my review

    1. Yes, I did learn from Chennai Express!
      I have shared the link of this post with SRK. But, post the movie's release, my tweet must have got lost as his mentions must have over-flooded!
      I liked your review too!

  3. I read this post via phone on that day itself.My teacher always said to watch as many movies as one can and learn from them.We used to laugh..But after reading this i guess all we need a perception and craving for learning.Rest lessons follows :)

    Superb post :)

    1. Thanks Sunakshi for such kind words!
      True. We can learn from anyone provided we have the will and the good sense to! Every cloud has a silver-lining.

  4. miss ur viws respected........perfectly said,,,,a film is like menu of a hotel,,,some time u like it or some time u dont,,,,,if u dont,,,,u go to another hotel,,,,and if u like then just on full fun ride,,,,critics who r giving bad reviws are on diet i must say ,,,,,because this indian spicy chennai express wont allow any one to go without full fun ride,,,,,this man with the kings charm has done it again and again,,,,,we said king has class they said records,,we said he has acting they said records,,,now we say records,class and act,(,heyyyy any one here,to argue),,,this time its monstrous

    1. Thanks Rahul for halting at my Blog-Station & for sharing such a descriptive comment- the most verbose one that my Blog has received so far!
      Even you are a huge SRK fan!
      No arguments. People just have to keep their mouths shut coz d movie is a monstrous hit! Success is the best revenge...King Khan does it with elan!
      And yes, you are his Chennai Express namesake!!!
      "Rahul, Naam to Suna Hoga!"

    2. yes Rahul ,,nam to suna hi hoga,,,,and im biggest fan of srk,,,more than u too,,,hahahaha,,,,one more thing is that we all srk lovers never disrespect other actors wn they do their jobs,,,pls request all other srkians,,not to abuse any one,,,,just love every one as our king taught us ,,,,with ur blog,,,if u can

    3. i know u may not be srk fan,,,,but u should become if not and u can feel the love,,,,come fall in love

    4. Rahul, Great to get your views.
      Yesterday, Chennai Express has beaten all records to be the highest grossing Hindi film of all time! Time for SRK fans Celebration!
      Of course, I am an SRK Fan! Else, I wouldn't have written three posts dedicated to his Film!


  5. Dear Anita,
    first of all I congratulate you on your blog! You hid me this talent;-)Maachallah
    Know that there is exactly one year that I discovered the world of Bollywood, thanks to a film seen by chance with Shah Rukh Khan, and what chance that has made me a different person, I became addcite Hindi movies, I'm not going to lie, Mainly movies with Shah Rukh because I find majestic and I do not need any subtitles with him;-)Of course it is not just for him, but also because Hindi films are mostly based on real stories, real stories feelings of life, which can happen to all!! And of course we can only learn lessons! A bit like the Algerian cinema,family movies,simple, modest & true!! movies, about "zindagi,Mohabbat...Kabhi Khushi....Kabhi Gham " ;-)
    Not as Hollywood surrealism based on blood, terrorism, the end of the world where only the U.S. can save us............. I'm not saying all,they also have some wonderful films but lately I only see terrorists and this is not life, there something else!
    So yes, I love Hindi movies, I love India,Indians, your language,your modesty, your dances, your festivities, your traditions,...... I just really love you ......


    Fatima from Belgium

    1. Thanks Fatima!
      Really delighted for this nice descriptive comment from a great SRK and Hindi Films fan!
      Thank you so much for professing your love for India and all things Indian! It feels so wonderful! Distance is no barrier for love!
      I find SRK Fans from all over the World reading my Chennai Express Blogposts. Really hope SRK gets to read this!
      A very warm Namaste! Stay Blessed!

  6. ..i haven't seen the movie..but after reading your post..i would definitely like to watch it..
    ..keep writing.. :)

    1. That's a great compliment, Rigzin ) Thanks!
      You'll love it :)
      Hope you have watched the movie now :) Do let me know how you liked it :)


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