Monday 5 August 2013

Smartphone Battery- Recharge Smartly!

My post is about João Lammoglia’s environment-friendly concept, ‘AIRE’ to recharge gadgets as shown in his video presentation-  

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

In today’s world of technology, Smartphones, gadgets and portable devices play a major role in our lives. Smartphones, especially, perform a myriad functions, serving as our inseparable companions.

But, these are power-hungry devices that consume a significant amount of electrical energy. The batteries of gadgets require charge. Smartphone-Batteries tend to use more power when all the advanced features like GPS, Bluetooth, Auto-sync, Wi-Fi etc are turned on. But, turning off these features and using the Power-Saving Mode (the compulsory choice when there’s not much power left) defeats the very purpose of a Smartphone!

Last year, NDTV & Huawei had conducted the ‘I Wish My Smartphone Had” contest in which viewers were invited to send across their ideas about what features their Smartphones ought to possess, incorporating which would make their Smartphones even better. The same contest was judged by Mr.Rajiv Makhni & Mr. Chetan Bhagat. My idea, about Sound Alarms that inform phone-users of the Charge status in their cells, was amongst the Top-10 entries -


We often allow our phones to continue getting charged as we have simply forgotten to unplug or aren’t aware when the charging has been complete. One often misses the display message or tiny beep presently existent in some phones. I feel very guilty when I waste electricity like this, don’t you?

Phone-charging can be and should be environment-friendly. Mobile-phone chargers also consume ‘ghost-power’, if they are left plugged on even after we have disconnected our phone. How many of us minimize the electricity-drain by unplugging them? I am sure inductive/solar charging for phones (in which future phones get all the charge they need from surrounding power sources & the sun) will be a reality soon. Then, phone-chargers will become redundant & history! But, till then our concern and efforts are directed to eliminate power loss & to efficiently use energy.

A major part of Electricity/Power is generated from non-renewable energy sources. Power saving can mean a lot. Burning of fossil-fuels like Coal causes about half the emissions of noxious gases. Our Planet’s health suffers. Renewable energy sources like Wind-energy, Solar-power etc are being developed. 

However, the need of the hour is to be future-ready and have- effective, efficient, innovative and easy-to-use technologies that are “available to all, all the time”. João Lammoglia’s ‘AIRE’ Concept, to recharge gadgets, is an endeavour for this cause.

 “The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of a force.” – Darth Vader

João rightly states that the “force” is in us- you and me. We possess the Human energy that is composed of both Active energy & Passive Energy. João’s innovation focuses on tapping our body’s Passive Energy that is responsible for the “Vital Functions”. Future Technology can work wonders with Heart-beats and Brain activity being put to task!

João emphasizes- “I have a debt to the planet.” João Lammoglia has designed products to minimise our carbon footprints, harnessing Passive energy. Passive energy is inherent to our body and widespread. João’s AIRE Concept is a unique mask to convert our breathing energy to electricity. Breathing into the mask makes AIRE Mask harness the wind power using mini turbines. This energy is later transferred to gadgets though USB cable.

Piezoelectricity is the name of the technology that makes this conversion. It entails the vibration of our Earth’s placement into electricity. This literally breathes new life into our gadgets that too by using air from our own lungs!



Supporting AIRE with flair thanks to the following Advantages:


·        Recharging while doing any task- Sleeping, Reading, Cooking,…Running if we want to charge it faster!

·        Full-Lifetime Validity- Breathing is on 24X7! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- Till our last breath!

·        Environment-Friendly- Clean with no side-effects or residues or pollution; Helps Environmental Preservation; Reduces Carbon-Footprint; Saves Electricity; No need to go anywhere to fetch the ‘fuel’- breathing here!

·        Fuel is Freely Accessible/Available for all- Present right here, right now!

·        Affordable Cost- Mask’s per unit cost will reduce if there’s mass industry-production

·        Save Energy & Reduce Electricity bills- Two-in-One Benefit!

·        Convenience/Ease of use- It is simple and everyone will easily understand how to employ this innovation

·        One-Size Fits All- All people, irrespective of age-group, can use the AIRE mask

·        Can be used indoors or outdoors- Irrespective of position!

·        Can be used in various fields- Medical area, Aerospace Programs etc.

·        Encourages Physical Exercise- Faster Breath required for more energy!

·        Great idea for people on the move- like travelling salesmen, trekkers or camping enthusiasts who generally find it tough to ensure that their phones remain charged! Electric-power sources to recharge gadgets may not be easily accessible while travelling.

Owing to all the above, it can be widely used & can prove to be a win-win situation for all.


However, there are some concerns:

Ø  AIRE Mask is yet to be commercially produced and audience reactions are to be tested.

Ø  People might have issues accepting it or agreeing to wear a Mask simply for their gadgets. They might feel it affects their personality or looks! Just for the same reasons, some people avoid wearing Helmets on the roads!

Ø  People dislike anything that reduces their comfort level as the Mask would cover their mouth and nose.

Ø  Using Mask may be risky while sleeping. Sleep positions may vary  and mask might be dislocated or harmful.

My Idea as Solution

     Incorporating an additional innovation like an air-filter in the AIRE mask can protect the user from passive-smoking or harmful gases and pollution!This can serve as an incentive for people to adopt the mask. After all, 'Health is Wealth'. The Multipurpose Mask should have more takers!


The positives shine! The future has possibilities unlimited for newer and innovative technologies.

João puts across the following to present his case:

We can be a part of the solution.

Ideas are good enough when shared.”

Ideas can complement each other.

Ideas can grow together.

Impossible becomes temporary.

When the said mask becomes more widespread and there is mass-production and capturing of everyone’s imagination, AIRE will be an additional smart green solution! It’ll then deserve this dedication-

Every Breath you take, Every Move you make, I’ll be there with you!

- Lines from the song “Tum Miley” from the Hindi film, Criminal.

A wise person has said- 

Life is not about the breaths we take; Life’s about the moments that take our breath away”.

It is product innovations like AIRE that gain our awe, take our breath away & literally power up & recharge our lives & also Planet Earth's health!


  1. Yaay! I love ur ideas! Idea Girl! :D

    1. Thanks for appreciating, Amrita!
      Ideas rule the world! :)

  2. Nice post, Battery recharge is incredible, great idea. I recently bought a portable charger from Kinkoo:
    I have found it to be great. With real 8,000mAh can charge iPhone 5 for 4 times, with juice still to spare. It’s very light to carry every day(only 5.7 oz).
    They ship by Fedex(free shipping), very fast to get it. Highly recommended.


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