Wednesday 14 August 2013

Chennai Express Journey Again!

I took part in a Twitter Contest last week just to win the delectable prize- Chennai Express movie-tickets! 
As we had been waiting pretty eagerly for the film, I thought it made sense to take part in the ongoing Chennai Express quiz and win the tickets and make it to the first day... 

I was delighted to be amongst the 10 winners in the top trending topic for that day! All 10 of us had managed to win the movie-tickets! Yaay! I sent my address details anticipating to receive Movie-Voucher that would help me book tickets as per my convenience. Getting on the train looked easy!

As Chennai Express was to release on August 9th 2013, I was in regular touch with the said team. My wish was to watch Chennai Express the very day of its release. I got no response from them. The days passed...
On August 8th, I realized that there would be Preview shows available for the film that evening. Tickets were pricey! So what?! In the morning itself, I booked two tickets for me and my enthu kid for the first Preview Show at 6 PM! It was raining very heavily. Still, we went ahead with our long-planned plan! We watched and liked the movie, like the rest of the public responsible for the nearly House-Full board! 

I shared the 10 lessons I learnt from Chennai Express-
I thought when I would win my Voucher, I would gift it to my father & sister, who could watch it in my hometown.

Yesterday evening, I got a mail from the team about my Chennai Express Ticket Details! 
But, Hello! What was this? I had got no voucher! They had mailed me a ticket with all details!
Note1- Just one ticket! Not even couple-tickets!
Note2- My plan to gift it to my family, living in another city, was murdered in the planning stage!
Note3- The movie-hall isn't near my home!
Note4- It was a morning 9 AM show for the next day i.e. for today- August 14th 2013! Not even for August 15th- a holiday!

I requested the team if they could provide for alternate City or Date/Time. They said now that the ticket had been booked, there would be no change. I shared my feedback that had they given Voucher, we could have selected the Movie-Hall closest to our home and also the Show's Time & Date as per our convenience.
Disappointed that I could not gift it to my family, I decided to gift it to any of my friends & well-wishers here. I started calling up all my neighbours, friends, ex-colleagues, my kid's friends parents...even my newspaper delivery-boy and neighbourhood shopkeeper...! 

Some had already watched it in the weekend. Some wanted an additional free ticket as they wanted to go with a friend! Others cited problem with the time-factor- that it's not suitable for office-goers on a Week Day! Still others had issues with the distance they had to travel to the Movie-hall! One of the youngsters, who was keen, had his exams! While another never picked up his phone nor bothered to call me back. But, everyone else whom I communicated with, thanked me profusely for the great offer, while expressing regret that they could not avail themselves of it! Some even asked me to contact them the next time I won anything! I blew up quite a major part of my phone's available talk-time/balance! Much more than the cost-price of the Morning Show Movie-ticket!

"If I were you, I would never offer it to anyone else. I'd have gone on my own!", my kid shared her view!

As no one else volunteered to use the free ticket, I did Self-help service and went for the treat yet again though I had watched it barely 6 days ago! I started out from my home & raced to reach the Movie-Hall as if my life depended on it! 
"Get on the train, Baby" beckoned me as I like watching a movie from the very beginning!

This is how I compulsorily used up the free Movie-ticket I had won! 
A prize is a prize! Very special!
My Motto- Prizes better be gifted away  or be used up by self!
Yes! I watched Chennai Express for the second time today...
I admired Deepika Padukone's & SRK's acting again & laughed at the same jokes, enjoyed the colourful songs & cool dances and still got scared when SRK was bashed up in the Climax...

It was good to experience the charming Chennai Express Journey again!


  1. Watching for the second time must be feeling like overeating. Burp!!!

    1. I enjoyed the journey again! Watch it if you haven't as yet!
      Chennai Express features in 3 of my posts now!

  2. Watched it 2 times !! Romba Nalla it is !! Had a laughter ride !!

    1. Crazy fans will enjoy rides again & again!
      Thanks Roy for stopping at this Station to post your comment!:)


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