Wednesday 31 January 2024

Wherever She Went, Love Followed

She was so lovely!

He loved her.

She did not know.

Even if she did, would she have cared or reciprocated?


She cared for her books.

They were her love.

Even he loved to chew on books.


Once he had tried making his presence felt.

She shrieked.

Even he got startled!


Photo Prompt- Susan Rouchard

When she decided to move homes, even he decided to make a move.

He sneaked in with her books.

They always gave him comfort and nourishment.

When she would unpack that box and set her books on the new shelves, he, the bookworm, would also get a new place.

100 Words story for the Friday Fictioneers

This is an advance "Valentine's Day" story expressing a love story for books!

Bookworms love books. Booklovers love books.

What if a bookworm falls in love with a reader? 

Do you love books? Have any of your books been nibbled by bookworms?

Please share your comment with your name and blog address too. Will visit your page.


  1. Good fun, although those poor books! Please don't chew them up :-)

  2. Dear Anita,

    Now there's a true bookworm. Cute



  3. Have never seen a non-human bookworm but I've seen book mites.

  4. Darn those bookworms! This was a fun story.

  5. This was fun!

  6. This is Granonine. At first I thought, "Mouse." Then I realized it was a bookworm, and had to laugh at the ingenuous use of the little creature :)

  7. fun read. i love your sense of humor.

  8. James McEwan. I enjoyed the humour and the easy flow of the story. At first I thought 'mouse', but yes, bookworm is perfect.

  9. Bookworm! Great idea. And I love how you explained this one! Cute. Nicely done Solothefirst

  10. I have a little love who likes to chew on books. It's her "You're not paying enough attention to me." We had to put a board along the bottom two rows of the bookshelf. I love the way this played out. It almost felt like a riddle creeping toward a conclusion.

  11. I hope no books were hurt. Cute tale. I enjoyed it immensely.

  12. Oh, I was expecting a rat. So glad it was just a bookwork. Great fun!

  13. I love this love story. At first I thought it was a ghost and was confused at eating the books. But a bookworm, that’s clever!


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