Saturday 6 January 2024

Bargarh Handloom Summit 2024 - Dia Mirza Wore Bomkai Saree

Recently, the Bargarh Handloom Summit 2024 was held at Bargarh, Odisha.

Actress Dia Mirza was the guest.

She wore a beautiful Bomkai saree.


This has the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

Apart from a handloom exhibition, panel discussion etc, there was a fashion show at the #BargarhHandloomSummit 2024.
Thanks to the organizers of this handloom summit & to the Govt. of Odisha, many handloom enthusiasts, sellers & entrepreneurs like my sister, Amrita Sabat, Brand Utkalamrita, Sabat Exports Pvt. Ltd., got an opportunity to participate.

Actress Dia Mirza's last picture (extreme right) in the pics collage shared above is in front of the Utkalamrita stall at the Bargarh Handloom Summit 2024.

Amrita wore a stunning Sambalpuri saree.
This too has the GI Tag.

The above image was also clicked in front of the Utkalamrita stall:
Left- Amrita Sabat - Sambalpuri Bandha
Right- Actress Dia Mirza - Bomkai

Always proud to see such promotion of our local weaves of Odisha, India.

However, actress Dia Mirza's saree's name has been incorrectly reported and shared as "Sambalpuri".
Such wrong reporting has happened many times in the past.

We have 2 options-
1. Keep quiet and allow wrong info to continue
2. Share the correct info and attempt to stop the spread of wrong info

Choosing the second option, I endeavour to share-
Points to be noted by all:
✨Bomkai Sarees are different from Sambalpuri Bandha.
✨Both have their own identity & GI.
✨We should promote our handloom products using their original, unique & local names.
✨Great that there are so many famous GI products.
However, many of us don't know the names & cannot identify our local GIs viz Bomkai saree.
Of all the Sarees of Odisha, Sambalpuri is the most popular.

But, care must be taken not to misuse the most famous name: Sambalpuri.
✨✨ All sarees are NOT Sambalpuri.✨✨

GIs are our collective responsibility.
People will know what we share.

News media and government social media handles have extra responsibility as whatever they share is believed & followed by the public.

That news or information is quoted/referred/shared.
When influential people state or share something, they are trusted.

If wrong info is shared, many others do the same & the misinformation cycle continues.

This post is being shared in the public interest.
It is not by an "expert", but rather an ordinary daughter of Odisha who is proud of her extraordinary state's extraordinary handlooms.
It is an insult to our state's & nation's traditional, local & GI products if we do not use their right names.
We must give respect to our traditional weaves & our talented weavers who have preserved our cultural heritage.
That is why some have been relentlessly advocating local & GI products.
Requests are being continuously shared to help spread the right information & create awareness.

Such requests need to be taken in the right spirit.

No, this is NOT a joke or to be taken lightly.
This is our cultural heritage.
This is our responsibility.
This is a very serious matter.

When we promote, we must take care to promote using the correct names.
Several blog posts have been shared on this platform earlier regarding this.

Let's all endeavour for correct representation.
Through our collective efforts, more will know our correct names.

What do you feel?

Have you heard of Bomkai saree before? 

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