Wednesday 3 January 2024

The Soul Of The Forest

When the nature-lover geologist entered the forest, she had no clue where her steps would lead her.

After she had walked for long, she realized that she was lost.

There were no "Exit" signboards.

She was thirsty.
She spotted muddy water. 
Photo Prompt- Dale Rogerson

From where was the water coming?
It had not rained for many months in that area...

She was too tired to think.

Was it water at all?

Mirage can be seen only in deserts? 

She went closer to investigate.
Underground water was seeping out.

She tasted the sweet pure water.

The soul of the forest knew about her thirst.

100 Words Story for Friday Fictioneers

Wishing everyone a great 2024! May every moment be wonderful and special for all of us!

May we get to quench our thirst for goodness, knowledge and action. May we be surrounded by good souls who uphold our best interests.

Do you believe there are some guardian souls around us?


  1. Dear Anita,

    Saved by the soul of the forest. Good one.



  2. When one is one with the elements, the elements proviide.

  3. I'd like to believe we each have a guardian angel to watch over us. A lovely story.

  4. She's either protected or blessed and probably both.

  5. Lovely. She's definitely in touch with the power of nature I think.

  6. A lovely story. If you know where to look, nature provides.

  7. Luck was with her. Well done.

  8. Granonine here. Good thing she was in a benevolent forest. Not all of them are.

  9. Love the thought of a nurturing forest taking care of her visitors in need.

  10. We all have someone watching over us. Nicely written.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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