Wednesday 12 October 2022

You Are The Reason Of My Smile

It was an important meeting.

He was engrossed in the presentation.

He had forgotten that he had to pick-up his son from kindergarten...

When he realized, it was already late.

He rushed to the kindergarten.


His wife used to pick-up earlier.

He went running inside.

His son wasn’t in the waiting-room...


A frantic search...

Image: Roger Bultot

He found his son smiling in the play-area.

He hadn’t seen his son looking happier ever since the latter’s mother had passed away 5 months ago.

“I’m sorry I’m late”, he said hugging his son.

“Mother had come to play with me!” his son said happily.

100 Words Story for Friday Fictioneers

"Those whom we love, do not go away... They walk beside us everyday."

Do you believe that the love of parents is always with us? 

Please share your views.


  1. Children are beyond logic. Sometimes they know more than adults.

  2. Dear Anita,

    A poignant story.



  3. Aww! Love this :)

  4. I believe this could happen. Parents don't stop being parents, even beyond the grave. I'm glad she protected him <3

  5. He's fortunate Mum was still hanging around - and I hope he's never late again.

  6. A charming story well-told.

  7. How lovely!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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