Wednesday 12 October 2022

I Am Beautiful

 “You want to become an actress! Have you seen your face in the mirror?

She remembered the production-house’s casting-agent’s jeering words.

How he mocked her!

I am beautiful the way I'm”, she assured herself.


She read the first draft of the book she had written.

It was titled- “I Am Beautiful”.

It was a self-help book.

In fact, it was actually a “note to self” book she had penned for herself.

The draft looked great.

It was accepted by a leading publication house.


On the book-release day, she got an offer-

To star in a movie based on her book.

100 words story for The Sunday Muse


  1. Wow what he said to her was really harsh. I love this story you shared here Anita! When I think of Audrey I always think of what true beauty is; a lovely soul. She was definitely that and so much more. I am delighted that you joined in at the Muse my friend!

  2. This is beautifully composed!! A beauty in all the ways that matter, she was.

  3. Beautiful. While reading this, I am thinking of a song "I am beautiful" by Candice Glover.

  4. She was beautiful, talented, and compassionate. Wonderful, Anita!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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