Wednesday 5 October 2022

The Lunch Date

It was a bright sunny day.

He was driving fast to be on time for the lunch-meeting scheduled in the neighbouring city.

After he had reached the outskirts of his city, he got a call that the client had rescheduled the meet to the following weekend.

He stopped his car and decided to check out the new restaurant that had opened in that area.

The place looked great.

Image: David Steward

He made a mental note to get his wife there the following day for a lunch-date.

He heard his wife’s voice.

He saw her enjoying her lunch-date there.

It started raining heavily.

100 words story for the Friday Fictioneers

What happens next? 

Was it just a coincidence?

Have you ever met people you know in far-off places?


  1. Dear Anita,

    Uh oh, I see trouble on the horizon.



  2. Ouch, that's a hard way to find out that bit of news!

  3. There is a Tamil proverb. It is roughly translated as this. "What you see is not the truth. What you hear is not the truth. Only a thorough enquiry/investigation will bring out the truth". Just because the wife is having a lunch with some guy does not mean it is a "date". There could be one thousand other reasons for her to be meeting with that person.

  4. The last line says so much. He needs to slow down and take stock of himself before judging his wife

  5. Uh-oh. He's jumping to a conclusion that may not be true. Hope he stops to think before a nasty confrontation takes place.

  6. Of course the husband shouldn't jump to conclusions - but I wonder why she hadn't told him about the lunch date?
    As to meeting familiar people in distant places, yes, I've certainly done that.

  7. What an awful shock for the poor man.

  8. From a boring meeting to the drama of infidelity. Or, she is sharing time with an old friend, but why did he not know? More! And well done.

  9. Oh dear. I'm only jumping to the cheating conclusion because it makes for a more dramatic story. In real like there could be a number of explanations.

  10. I'm left wondering if he's been putting work first and paying too little attention to domestic matters.

  11. Hmm ... there's certainly a conversation to be had, eh?

  12. Ooooh ouch!! Love the imagery with the correlating weather. Well done!


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