Wednesday 10 November 2021

The New World

"This is all. There is nothing beyond this shore."

Rizzy was never convinced whenever her grandparents said this. 

She knew what had happened to all those who had not believed the elders.

She had lost her own parents. 

Rizzy was sure that there was a new world. 

There could not just be one tiny island. 

The innumerable stars in the sky emboldened her. 

Photo Prompt- Ted Strutz

She knew she had to explore. 

She set sail on the secretly constructed boat...

After days on the sea, she saw another island. 

She instantly recognized the fluttering cloth on the flag-pole.

It was her mother's dress. 

100 Words story for the Friday Fictioneers

What do you think happens next? Who does Rizzy find on that island?

Do you believe what you are told or do you want to seek and find out for yourself?


  1. It takes a lot to make that brave step into the unknown.

  2. Brave new girl for a new world.

  3. This has a Moana feel. Great work, Anita.

  4. Well done...great story telling...

  5. Whether you sail away without a clear destination, or just leave home for your own life, you must take a leap of faith. Well done, Rizzy, following your dream!

  6. Good for her on taking her chance!

  7. Dear Anita

    Apparently there was more beyond the shore. Nicely done.



  8. "The innumerable stars in the sky emboldened her": I love this line, full of hope and daring dreams, which took her to her mother. Wonderful story, Anita.

  9. I love this. Now, I'm hoping her mother is still alive!

  10. If it wasn't for people like her and her parents, there'd never be discoveries. Which may not necessarily be a bad thing, given human history.

  11. Oh MY! That is a little disturbing...
    Good job on the mystery!

  12. We have to admire her determination and bravery to seek beyond the barrier placed before her by her grandparents.

  13. Well done! And ... sometimes, the realities are inescapable ... Perhaps for her, at this time, there was naught more the the tiny island after all. And yet, she'd tried!

  14. Well done. There is struggle to life. There it is. :-)


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