Wednesday 24 November 2021

The Man Next Door

It was a normal day, but it did not seem normal. 

Their city had come out of the second lockdown recently. 

There was much excitement! 

It was great to see all the familiar faces.


Not seeing a soul in sight was creepy.

On a normal day, there would have been a traffic jam at that time of the day.

He walked on the street puzzled. 

Photo Prompt- Roger Bultot

He wanted to get his smartphone repaired.

But, the shops too were closed. 

The city wore a deserted look. 

What had he missed? 

Then he saw the hoarding- "Third Lockdown Begins."

100 words story for Friday Fictioneers

The pandemic has affected us in many ways. Hope we do not get to see such empty streets anymore.

Would you like another lockdown? 

Do share in the comments below.


  1. Now that's swift government action. A lockdown between the time he left the house and reached the shopping district!

  2. Ah lockdown - lets kill another 100k businesses just to make our fake numbers look more real.

  3. I do hope this is not going to happen!

  4. Dear Anita,

    I'd like not to see another lockdown. Hope this doesn't happen again.

    Shalom and stay well,


  5. Please, no! Christmas here was cancelled at the last minute last year, it can't happen again, can it?


Your words mean a lot to me.

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