Wednesday 17 November 2021

The Home That Was

She had a home where she felt at home.

She had invested her lifetime's savings.

She had spent time and effort to set it up.

Photo Prompt- Dale Rogerson

She sure felt settled.

Her fairytale did not last long...

Those powerful people wanted the land where her home was built.

Their fake papers and testament won. 

She was made homeless overnight. 

No one knew where she went after that.

A posh new building stands where her home once stood.

The flat-owner cannot explain the lurking shadows.

Why do the gusts of wind eerily sound like an old woman saying- "You are in my home..."?

100 words story for the Friday Fictioneers

What do people get by cheating others? Shouldn't they get punished?


  1. Ha! Serves them right....though these kind of people do it again and again...

  2. A haunted house! They'll be able to charge double

  3. Seems to me they ARE being punished--or at least the people who rent the flats are. Thing is, those who do such heartless things do it because they can. There is no concern for those who are hurt. That's one of the features of being a sociopath.

  4. An intriguing haunted house story, well done.

  5. Dear Anita,

    I can't blame her for haunting the place. Nicely done.



  6. Maybe she can scare them out...

  7. They deserve to be spooked - or worse! Nice one Anita.

  8. I hope she scares so many of the tenants out that the owners go broke. Great (sad) story, and too true in many cases.

  9. Oh dear! If she's haunting them, she didn't survive long.

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