Monday 21 September 2020

NOW Is The Time

This moment is all we have. NOW is the time, my friend!

These words and some lyrics of songs of Hindi movies, came to my mind on seeing the latest IndiSpire topic-

IndiSpire-343- Some people are busy living while others are busy dying. What would you like to tell either or both of these categories?

There is no tomorrow as tomorrow never comes. 

The coming moment is going to go away. If possible, live your life in the moment that is going away.  This song states this-

"Aane wala pal jaane wala hai. Ho sake to is mein, zindagi bitado pal jo ye jaane wala hai..." 

- Golmaal , 1979 Hindi movie

In other words, live in the moment before it is over.

Time is ticking away. Every moment is precious.

Let's live every moment today and do our very best in every moment.

No more more brooding about what happened yesterday and in the days before...

Being 'busy living' OR being 'busy dying' OR being 'conscious and aware' that 'NOW is the time'?

The choice is ours.

We choose our race- decide if we are going to show up, and whether we run, and if we do, how we perform, or whether we drop out...

Whether every race is worth our time and effort? 

Are we missing out important life events?

Come, let us open the doors of our hearts, Come let us cry to our heart's content. Heart says - Let's live a bit. The lyrics of this song express-

"Aa dil ke darwaaze hum kholein, aa hum dono jee bharke rolein. Jeele zara, Jeele zara. Kehta hai dil- Jeele zara."

- Talaash , 2012 Hindi movie

The word 'zara' means a little bit. Still, there has to be a start in the business of living.
Bit by bit we must start living till we live fully- being conscious and aware.
That's what all the great Gurus state. 

Does our present moment deserve something better, more meaningful, that can contribute to overall well-being and peace?

Let's do all what we like and plan to do; rather than take all those unimplemented ideas, unwritten books, unpresented world-changing thoughts and presentations... to our grave.

Graveyards are the richest place on earth as many people carry such unshared and uncapitalised precious treasures to their graves...

You must have read about- "DIE EMPTY"- a book by Todd Henry.

If we take care to live in the present moment and realize that now is the time to live, maybe we can die empty whenever our time to leave this world comes. 

There is no doubt that 'Apna Time Aayega' (Our time will come).

NOW is the time to live fully,

NOW is the time to enjoy. 

NOW is all we truly have.

NOW is the time to touch the sky!

Images courtesy- Google. Collage creator- Yours truly.

Note- I know many more Hindi movie songs that fit this topic well:) But, I have presented only these two songs from the movies- Golmaal and Talaash. I love the lyrics of these songs and I feel they convey the message to live fully. 

What thoughts or songs come to your mind about life and living? Do share in the comments below.


  1. Absolutely true, Apa... It's now or never because 'now' is often the right time, almost always!
    And the first two songs are two of my all time favourites ^_^

  2. Reminded of the Bollywood oldie - Age bhi janena tu .. pichhe bhi janena tu .. jo bhi hai bas yehi pal hai ...

  3. Nicely written. It reminds me of a quote.” At some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.”


Your words mean a lot to me.

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