Sunday 23 December 2018

I Am Happy

I am happy to welcome a fresh new day.
I am happy when things go my way.
I am happy when I get to have a say.
I am happy when I drive negativity away!

I smile when life proves me right.
I smile when there's a funny sight-
Even when things don't appear bright!
I reach success, climbing its height.

WOW: What Makes You Smile? What Makes You Happy?
I am happy to accept my action's course.
I am happy to possess the reality's force.
I understand that I am the power source-
My happiness & smiles open doors!

Happiness is within - with tremendous energy.
Smiles don't cost a rupee, being totally free.
Smiling & being happy are life's key..
How I use them to unlock benefits is up to me!
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What makes you happy? Why do you smile?
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