Saturday 15 December 2018

When Fear Made Me Cheer

I was wondering if my life is out of gear.
I heard a knock that was loud and clear.
"Who is at the door? Who is here?"
I heard a rough voice, "I AM FEAR!"

The answer's gravity made me feel giddy.
My eyes opened WIDE, but I wasn't READY.
I couldn't believe my ears; it was heady.
When fear visits, how can one feel steady?
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"Wait! I'm coming!" I heard myself say!
"I WILL open the door! I'm on my way!"
"Hey, would you like me to TIE you today?
"Oh Fear, Why come near? Stay far away!"

I congratulated myself for my confidence!
I realized that I must have made sense!
I feared fear no more; tolerated no nonsense!
Soon, there was no fear; fear was past tense!

Trespassers like fear just can't win anymore!
I decide whom I should welcome at my door.
Either I don't entertain or face and settle score!
Life is beautiful and has so much in store!

How do you react when fear comes knocking at your door? Do share in the comments below.
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  1. Fear can be paralyzing, but as your poem says, "Who needs it?" Don't invite it in.

  2. I like your poem's message, and you write it so enthusiastically!

  3. I don't have any way to handle fear. It comes. It goes. Fear does seem to put life's beauty on hold.

  4. love your last stanza, where you take complete control and admit only that you want into your life, that is truly overcoming fear! well done!!

  5. When Fear comes knocking... I realize that any disembodied entity tht has the decency to knock rather then bust down the door, or the incapacity to bust down the door, isn't weally that scawy. But when fear comes in busting down the door, that is another matter...
    I liked the poem, it is a good striving to be able to be proactive in this way with one fears. ;)

  6. Glad that confidence is back and yes fear can be paralysing.

  7. A heartening poem for all of us.


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