Thursday 4 October 2018

Nature's Treasure

Pari and her mother, Saaki, were visiting Saaki’s childhood home.
It was no less than a museum.
Saaki was excitedly showing Pari all the memorabilia.
They found an old green trunk full of ‘Nature’s Treasure’.
That's what Pari called the seashells, oysters, rocks etc.
Pari displayed the treasure on a wooden table and wrote 'Nature Table' in her pretty cursive-handwriting.
PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Saaki chanced upon an old diary belonging to her grandfather.
He had documented that three shells & two oysters in the trunk contain pearls and diamonds.
Grandfather had safely hidden the precious stones there.
Saaki rushed to reveal 'Nature's Treasure'.

How would you feel if you discover 'treasure'? Do you hide currency notes or jewellery inside secret boxes? Do share in the comments below.

100 Words story for Friday Fictioneers


  1. Hi Anita,
    Sweet take on the photo prompt!

  2. did the destroy the shells to get at the treasure?

  3. Dear Anita,

    In a news story recently, a woman had donated a skillet to a secondhand store not realizing the wadded piece of aluminum foil in it contained over $40,000. Probably not the best place to keep treasure.
    Your story, told from one prompt, made more sense than those with three or more. Just saying. Well done.



  4. OH! Perhaps they'd still be there! How lovely! Na'ama

  5. Smart Saaki. Did she share those pearls or grabbed everything?

  6. I felt rather sad at the end of the story. What a shame that the excitement of re-discovering childhood memories was eclipsed by the possibility of hidden 'treasure'.

  7. They were already treasures to her. What a bonus to find out they contained treasures.

  8. How many secrets are there out there I wonder? I love hiding stuff for the future. Lovely piece

  9. How would I feel, what would I do? I don't know. I'm a bit ambivalent about this one. I think I'd feel compelled to make sure the discovered "treasure" was properly documented, with an effort to find the most likely owner. I think I could keep it only if I knew all efforts had been made to get it to its intended owner.

    Or maybe I AM the intended owner :_)

  10. Maybe they should just save the treasures to be found somewhere in the future.

  11. I wonder if they found the pearls? Nice take on the photo.

  12. Interesting take on the prompt.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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