Saturday 13 October 2018

Beware Of Ringing Alarm

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I Wish An Alarm Would Ring Loud And Notify Me Whenever
Any of the following happen; then I'll feel smart & clever!
I Wish An Alarm Would Ring Loud And Notify Me Whenever...
Imagine how much fun it will be if I know for sure,
What others are up to & it'll be less painful to endure.

If person(s) are lying, my alarm would ring for all to hear,
Then, dishonesty and cheating I wouldn't have to bear.

Their smooth and smart talk & praise won't impress,
My ringing alarm is sure to cause them distress & stress!

If an offender is going to harass, molest, or resort to violence,
Loud alarm would warn; #MeToo victims would be less.

I want the alarm to ring when people go bonkers,
Alarm should jolt them back to the real universe!

Nothing to feel alarmed experiencing ringing alarm!
If ringing alarm can attain great things, no harm!

I wish my alarm would ring loud and clear.
Then, I would have so much to cheer!

'Beware of Ringing Alarm' -  you can't get away.
This lifetime or in a future life, you are sure to pay.

Why isn't such a self-magic alarm in operation today?
Let's nurture our own inner spirited alarms, what do you say?

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  1. That's an awesome effort. Loved it so much. Just for fun adding a few lines too:

    Shall have a special feature I did not share here
    Alarm shall not detect my lies,so have no fear
    When others say untruth, they are white lies
    And when we do the same,we are witty and bright!

  2. Such alarms bells seem exciting but can take away our flights of imagination!

  3. enjoyed your blog...good one!

  4. At this rate, your alarm will keep ringing. Most of us lie almost all the time. If you ask the blessing of a ringing alarm, you are like to go mad. Do not ask for your own sanity.

  5. That would be one of a kind alarm clock and the twist in the tale makes it a winner.

  6. What a thought Anita.An alarm to warn us of others' intentions would be so handy,but as Abhijit says,it might be very stressful.

  7. Nice thoughts in lyrics.
    Of course when we are calm and quiet we can listen to the inner alarm.

  8. Very witty take on the prompt,it contains so many dimensions including contemporary issue and practicality.
    Very nice presentation.


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