Friday 18 November 2016


Dear Zindagi*,

I am grateful for the four JUGs in my life! Thank you!
As the years go by, I realize that I have sailed through!
Thanks to my JUGs, all is well & I say cheese!
My JUGs fill my life with love, happiness & peace :)
These special JUGs carry goodness beyond compare.
They are invaluable for me & so precious & rare...

My first JUG is the Lord; Almighty is always there.
I have many reasons to pray; I feel the power & care.
The Lord knows what's best for me, I sense & understand.
I share my prayers & believe in miracles & magic wand!
Everything happens for a reason; Lord is at work 24X7,
The mysterious ways are evident when I find heaven!

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My second JUG is my family, who is my greatest strength,
To bring a smile or solve my problems, they go to any length!
I share all, earn solutions, build & appreciate life's fundamentals!
Grateful like Shashi in English Vinglish as- 'Family is not judgmental'.
Having known me & my likes & dislikes, my family advises me to fly!
My family adjusts, sacrifices & works hard to paint rainbows in my sky.

My third JUG are my friends & teachers, who are so dear & near!
They encourage me & show the mirror without any fear!
Though time has passed & miles separate us, yet there's connection.
Feel blessed for the kind words & motivation & the helpful interaction.
My friends' good wishes & teachers' blessings & guidance,
Have made my life a collection of happy endings & cool romance!

My fourth JUG is I, Me And Myself & my confidence that's chic!
When things go wrong, I'm not harebrained, lackadaisical or idiotic!
I choose, exercise my mind's thoughts & set the positive, optimistic tone!
I am me, the always-full JUG of life, with a Graceful Style Of My Own!
I am the superstar who's responsible to deliver my best performance!
In the story of my life, to bag the achievement awards, I have the chance!

With such powerful four pillars as the JUGs of my life & my life-support,
I sing & dance, chill-out & have fun & party feeling in control of my lifeboat!
Thankfully, I get such opportunities to express what I truly feel.
Counting my blessings & my four JUGs fills me with awe & zeal!
May all my JUGs stay blessed forever; Hope the good times have lifetime warranty!
What more words can I say to thank my JUGs & my life? Yes! Love You Zindagi :)
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – Bernard M. Baruch.


*Zindagi- Life

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.


  1. We might call them the four pillars of our lives. And may all of yours indeed have a lifetime warranty, because nothing is certain in life.

  2. Superb! May your 4JUGs lead you to the great heights! Best wishes :-)
    TC, keep smiling :-)

  3. Good to know about the jugs of your life Anitha ☺

  4. An affirming and uplifting pose - a pleasure to read

  5. Truly related- JUG is the one who does not judge you.

  6. Good to know a bit more about you through these JUGs, Anita! Amen to your wish :)

  7. Such a positive post, enjoyable to read......wonderful to have faith,family and friends, and confidence in oneself.

  8. That was exceptional writing and your theme was well conveyed. I have drank from those jugs.

  9. I like the strength you express in this writing! An interesting approach to poetry.

  10. These jugs are important to me as well. Thanks.

  11. Lovely tribute to both the film as well as the people in your life. Cheers❤️

  12. seems Gauri Shinde is working wonder :)...a lovely poem showing a bright light to the dark paths that many a soul has to traverse...


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