Wednesday 2 July 2014

The Travel-Wizard

I was as usual doing my chore,
There was a surprise in store!

Smoky room, ceiling & floor!
Locked were all windows & door!

A Wizard appeared, no folklore!
I rubbed my eyes, there was no eye-sore! 

He said, "I'm the Travel-Wizard- Skyscanner."
"I know you love trips as you are @anitaexplorer!"

"Let me help plan a trip so that you can explore!"
"Tell me what you want & I'll gift you more!"

All this was great news to unwind!
I literally set out on a trip in my mind!

'Skyscanner and I on a trip around the world',
What a lovely resource I have unfurled!

"You have a limited resource of 1 Lakh Rupees."
"But, you have all other choices that you please!"

I wished to make the most of his gift!
The whole idea gifted my travel-plans a lift!

"Which place would you like to visit, my dear?"
"Would you like to travel to the world's end or near?"

'Malaysia!' I said without losing a moment,
I had to seize this opportunity god-sent!

I thanked Skyscanner for deeming me fit!
Finally the following attractions I'd get to visit:

Planning to visit for long with my child & hubby!
This seems to be a perfect opportunity for me!

Here are my Malaysia Posts, Wizard Skyscanner! 
I have already shared what all I plan to do there!

Seeing my enthusiasm, Skyscanner didn't waste a minute!
"Come, allow me- Skyscanner to plan your dream trip bit by bit!"

1. Flights

To search for Flights, Skyscanner entered my Trip Details from India to Malaysia.

I chose 26-30 December 2014 as it will be convenient for travel for all the guests.

When I clicked Search, Skyscanner showed me the results with the choice of the destination airport.

I selected Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Then, Skyscanner showed me a list of airports from which I selected my departure airport as Kolkata.

When I clicked on Get prices, Skyscanner started searching for the flight-booking sites.

114 results were pretty impressive!

The least priced one showed on top.

I selected the first option.

Skyscanner showed that the air-fares of the same flights as offered by the different travel sites were different.

I picked the first option that was the least and as I proceeded to book in that respective site, Skyscanner showed the first site had additional charges as booking fees of about Rs 3000 added Rs 55,285.18.

I clicked the other links provided by Skyscanner under Who sells this ticket? as in the image above. Skyscanner offered some other sites that had lower processing fees. 
Some sites showed the prices to be lower than what Syscanner showed.
One site was offering the return travel-tickets at Rs 57,663, while another offered it at Rs 57,668.
Skyscanner explained that as the prices are dynamic, they keep on changing.

Flight Tickets: approximately- Rs 58,000
Skyscanner had managed the lowest priced air-tickets for my dream trip!

2. Hotels

I informed Skyscanner- "It always makes sense to go for a good quality hotel situated near the heart of the city, from where the attractions are close by."

Skyscanner gave scope to sort the available hotels by- Popularity, Price, Distance to Centre, Name, Rating, Stars.

I found that in about Rs 5000 per night, I can choose a good quality hotel-room that includes complimentary breakfast.

Once breakfast is taken care at the hotel, we can have local-food as lunch and dinner while sight-seeing. 

I shared with Skyscanner- "As I am planning a trip of 5 days & 4 nights to Malaysia, I plan to stay in 3 hotels -
2 nights in Kuala Lumpur, 1 night in Genting Highlands & 1 night in Penang."

Skyscanner gave me a lot of hotel options!

Hotel Stay: approximately- Rs 20,000

3. Car Hire

I shared with Skyscanner, "It makes sense to hire our car for at least 4 days out of our 5 day trip.

The first day, when we reach Kuala Lumpur, we will explore on our own.

But, starting Day-2 onwards, we would like to go sight-seeing in Kuala Lumpur and neighbouring places by car."
Skyscanner checked for a car for hire from 27-30 December i.e. for 4 days.
Skyscanner gave 62 results!

Based on our requirement, Skyscanner filtered the results!
I found that in about Rs 12,000, we can hire a comfortable car for our trip.
Car Hire Bill: approximately- Rs 12,000

Skyscanner helped me to plan our Malaysia Trip -:
Flights + Hotels + Car Hire = Rs 58,000 + Rs 20,000 + Rs 12,000 = Rs 90,000

That means out of Rs 1 Lakh, even after booking for Rs 90,000, I still have Rs 10,000 left!
I informed Skyscanner- "I plan to use this Rs 10,000 for other expenses like eating & shopping." 

Skyscanner looked mighty pleased with my trip & wisdom!
I thanked Skyscanner a lot & said, "Malaysia here we come"! 


Malaysia Images Courtesy: Tourism Malaysia

Note- This is a fictional account.  

This post was a part of a Blogging contest & this Post DID NOT WIN.


  1. Really liked the poetic lines Anita. Beautifully written :)

    1. Welcome to my Blog! Thanks a lot for sharing such beautiful words :)
      Glad you liked my poem & post :)

  2. Frankly I had the same idea in mind and I have written the same. But I did not want to appear imitating your post so I did a few changes and I have mentioned your link too.

    All the best for the competition :) You know you can win ;)

    1. Thanks Anmol for such nice words :)
      If only all participants had such integrity, competitions would be fair & rich with the winning spirit.
      Thanks for mentioning my link. Hopping over to read your post now.
      Best wishes to you too :)

    2. Your words were nicer :p

      Thank you :)

    3. Members of mutual admiration club :P
      Thanks a lot :)

  3. i wanted to write on this .. but professional life getting harder day by day :( :( well written and all the best for contest :)

    1. Aww, Ankur. I know how it is. We are all struggling to make the most of time as that's the most precious resource...
      There are still many days till this month-end for this contest's deadline. Hope you find time in one of the weekends for this...
      Thanks for your wishes :) Best wishes to you too.

  4. Well written Anita! I have half written about Malaysia trip since I have already knew a lot of places through a contest before.But now ,I guess I have to change my post choosing some other place ....since you have wonderfully weaved the post ...all the best Anita !

    1. Thanks a lot, Uma. I feel blessed with nice words & wishes :)
      I am sure many people will write about their Malaysia trip as we all had taken part in the previous one.
      Writing about a different place will be novel.
      Best wishes to you!

  5. Loved the poetic beginning of the post. Lovely post Anita. All the best for the contest dear :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Jyotsna. Lovely to earn your wishes & appreciation!
      Best wishes to you too :)

  6. that really different and interesting Anita! all the best D:

    1. Thank you so much, Ankita. Gald you found it interesting!
      Best wishes to you too :)

  7. now that is making me want to go to malaysia...


    1. and all the best for the contest

    2. Thanks for your wishes & nice words, Bikram :)
      Much needed :)

  8. Are you so much enthusiastic with Malaysia Anita? I could feel your desire in the poem itself! I hope you win and your dream come true soon!

    TC! Keep smiling :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Sindhu, for such nice words & wishes!
      Yes, planning to visit Malaysia for long :)

  9. Loved the poetic narration Anita :) All the best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks Swathi :)
      Best wishes to you too :)

  10. awesome poetic weave. loved it much. very entertaining. very informative. all the best Anita. :)

    1. Thanks a lot Meera for such kind words! Delighted you liked it :)

  11. Very nice work anita of luck ...

    1. Welcome to my Blog, Awanish. Thanks for your appreciation & wishes :)

  12. Ah Malaysia! Include me too :D by the way, all the best & beautifully presented!

    1. Malaysia has been on my list for loooong now :)
      Thanks a lot. Best wishes to you too!

  13. WOW Ani.. i love poems .. and posts with poetry! Loved reading this :)

    1. Thanks Divsi :) Delighted that you loved reading this.
      Even I share your love for posts with poetry!

  14. Loved the poem to start with :) Beautifully written. Good luck :)

    1. Thanks Shalini for your appreciation & wishes :)
      All the best to you too!


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