Tuesday 22 July 2014

My Bold & Black Wishlist

Black is bold and beautiful. 
Black is elegant and classy.
Black is what hearts desire.
Wish these 5 Black Requirements for our country-

I- BLACKBOARD, Black-Slate & Graphite (Black) Pencils for all kids and Education for everyone:

May there be Schools for all. May India's entire population be well-educated. 
I wish true implementation of Right To Education for all. 

Blackboard; Source

There is a Hindi proverb- 'Kaala Akshar Bhains Baraabar' (काला अक्षर भैंस बराबर)
Literally, it means "Black letters are equal to a water-buffalo".

Life is tough if we don't know the 3Rs - Reading, Writing & Arithmetic.
May everyone get to read and write and learn and get employment. 
May not a single mind be idle & indulge in devil's workshops... 
That will help in the progress of our nation.


Black Money is the funds on which Income-Tax & other taxes have been evaded:
Source: Hindustan Times

It is unfortunate that Black Money has affected and is affecting our nation's health & progress.
It is shocking that it is deeply rooted everywhere...
Black Money is Deeply Rooted; Source: Hindu BusinessLine

India urgently needs ALL the Black Money, deposited in foreign accounts & safe havens abroad, back in its economy.

Source: Live Trading News
No one knows exactly how much money is stashed away. Estimates put it at Trillions of US Dollars...
Imagine the amount of development that will be possible when this money comes to India.
Our economy will become one of the strongest in the world...


I dream to eradicate all the Dark activities that spoil the name of BLACK like - Black Marketing. Hoarders have a field day and the common man suffers. The Supply & Demand economics go haywire due to unscrupulous elements.

Take the example of LPG Gas Cylinders:

Source: India Today

Source: Daily Mail

Black Marketing makes Inflation high. Household budgets have to walk a tight rope. 
We urgently need Black Marketing Eradication from the face of our nation...
Then, there will be more smiles across miles...


I wish excess-
BLACK GOLD - Pepper, Coffee, Petroleum etc.
BLACK DIAMOND - Minerals like Anthracite (An excellent quality of Coal with the highest carbon content & calorific value & the fewest impurities), Carbonado (Natural Diamond that is Black in colour and is the toughest form) etc.

Anthracite coal
Anthracite Coal ; Source: Wikipedia

Adventures of Tintin ; Source : Wikipedia

Petroleum and natural resources are very important when War is looming concerned over global oil-supplies as was highlighted in the Adventures of Tintin by Herge in the book- 'Land of Black Gold'.
India can benefit with surplus resources of these so that we can use domestically and also export and earn precious foreign exchange.

V- BLACK PAGODA & Other UNESCO World Heritage & Archaeological Sites Restoration & Protection:

The Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha is called the 'Black Pagoda'. It is a spectacular work of architecture that needs care & attention. 

Embedded image permalink
The Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha, India ; Pic Courtesy: Debashis Tripathy
Incredible India has incredible national monuments, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites...
May we have restoration & protection & the sensitivity to treat these national treasures with utmost respect...

These were just a few of the Black things I desire for India, our nation.
By doing our best, we can help attain & be proud of an India that's Golden...

This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com 

You may also check out my previous entry - The Mind Reader - for a list of another 5 Black items. 

Also, linking it to ABC- Wednesday - B For Black


  1. black money well well we can keep dreaming as the people who are supposed to bring it back are the ones who have the most to lose :) so I have stopped thinking of that
    but i loved the sarcy Pic for sure :)

    Tintin and black gold :)

    and yes black marketing needs eradication but then again the first point .. people who are supposed to safeguard us from it themselves profit from it so why will they change it :)


    1. True Bikram.
      But, the day when everyone will start thinking of our country first & not about individual profits & interests, India will win...
      I am optimistic that- 'Woh Subah kabhi to ayegi...' (That morning will come some day...)

    2. hmmm i know what you saying .. but sadly looking at the leaders and the way our society is heading I doubt if it will at least in my life time ..

      but I too am optimistic.. we need a few bhagat singhs to be born again

    3. Seriously, Bikram...
      Optimism, hope & faith will see us through...

  2. A wonderful post and very nice to meet you Anita. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Father-in-Law's D-Day trip to Normandy. I know it will give him great pleasure reading them.

    1. Thanks a lot, Denise! It's an absolute pleasure to meet you too :)
      Stay blessed!

  3. Black money,black diamond, black gold wow quite. A list there !

    1. A much-needed list, Nima. Thanks!
      I have many more on my wish-list...could share only 5.

  4. Unique take on the prompt black and I can see a patriotic heart/mind behind the post. All the best Anita :)

    1. Thanks Uma for your appreciation & wishes :)
      Always lovely to hear from you!

  5. Black is. no doubt , one of the most important colours in the world.
    Thanks of reminding us!
    Wil, ABCW. team

  6. You really are a speaker at heart aren't you Anita? Your blog should be titled "Anita - Dare to speak the truth" :)....A wonderful take on the What The Black contest. Even though I participated in the same contest with my set of entry, I think I can give all those 5 things up in a heartbeat for your wishlist to come to reality! Stay Blessed.

    1. Thank you so much, Vidhya, for such kind words :)
      Welcome to my Blog!
      All what I have shared here is direct dil se as I feel very strongly about all this & more...
      Your comment proves your patriotism & honesty.
      The day we all think of national interests first, no one can stop our country's progress...

  7. Hi Anita! Thx for your lovely comments on my post about the beaches of Vancouver. With regard to your question, here are the rules about that: You can link several times, if you have several sites with individual (but not identical) ABC WEDNESDAY posts. Please do not link more than once per site. So if you only have one blog site, I guess the answer would be "No, you can't post more than once." But in your one post, use several words with the letter of the week, like I did. Sometimes, people do different words with each in its own paragraph, with or without a photo. Hope this helps. See you next week!

    abcw team

    1. Thanks Leslie for stopping by & for answering my query.
      I got the rule now. This week I had 3 entries for the letter B- one entry is about - Bomb Attack & the rest two are about the colour Black :)
      I have just submitted the first one that incidentally happens to be the first post linked this week! I needed your clarification before linking the other two! Now I know that I'm not allowed to :)

  8. This is a very interesting post, Anita! I was impressed with your wish to bring back black money and to curb black marketeering. Wish you luck for the contest.

    1. Thanks Rachna for your lovely words & wishes :)
      Yes, hope we manage to get all the Black Money & stop Black Marketing...

  9. Every dark cloud( black) has a silver lining! We can hope for things to change for better! Nice writing, Anita!

    1. Thanks for sharing such a lovely optimistic thought, Rahulji :)
      May things change for the better!
      Thanks for the appreciation :)

  10. First of all AMEN...then Inshaallah...aiasa hee ho aur mera waala fav black bhi...the black naughty boy Bata shoes to be given to all children along with a pair of socks...those who can't afford those shoes.
    Loved going through ur BLACK wishlist and if i would wish it i would wish the same...but i can't bring it as interestingly as you. :)

    1. Agree with your noble thought of Black-school shoes and socks for all kids. How wonderful if every child got to go to school and got to spend an innocent childhood...
      Wish we could implement humara waala favorite Black Wishlist! India would win...
      Sincerely praying & hoping for the best.
      Thanks for such kind words, Shivani :)

  11. I loved the theme around which you weaved the post Anita! Kudos! :D

    1. Thanks Anu.
      The theme is based on the ongoing #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda. You too can take part :)

  12. A unique Black wishlist Anita! :D I loved writing for this contest too :) All the best dear :)

    1. Thanks Bushra :) Best wishes to you too!
      Will check out your list.

  13. Amazing list, Anita... All the best for the contest :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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