Monday 21 August 2023

How Do You Answer These Questions?

You are speaking to someone for the first time.

Then, they ask you- "Where are you from?"

What do you answer?

Of course, your answer will vary depending on your conversation and setting.

Here is what I have personally faced-

Some great personalities have remarked and proved that it is not important from where you have come from- what matters is where you are going and how far you have reached.

That is one of the lessons from the Hindi movie- Bhaag Milka Bhaag- that has been based on the late runner Milkha Singh. 

You can read about the 25 lessons from the same movie here-

I feel it does matter where you have come from. 

That is your foundation, your launchpad.

What challenges you faced and opportunities you received and grabbed by sensing them as opportunities and not threats etc- everything counts.

Had the odds not been stacked in front, would you still be where you are and doing what you do? What made you chart the particular path?

A rocket is not launched overnight; it takes years of planning, research, hard-work, resources and action.

However, some things are not in our control. Rocket launches have proved that and not every mission is accomplished satisfactorily despite cent per cent efforts.

What do you answer if someone asks, "What do you do?" 

Do you inform them honestly?

For example- Do you say- "I’m a blogger"?

Have you tried saying this anytime?
Then, they ask you what do you do otherwise- apart from being a blogger, that is!

This is what I have encountered-
Do share in the comments below.

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