Monday 21 August 2023

Save The Planet

Ever wonder how people suddenly suddenly wake up and become vocal for certain causes on particular days?

Many feel celebration of days like "World Environment Day", "Earth Day" etc. is such a waste!

However, would there have been an information-sharing, awareness or pleas for action but for such celebration of days?

Let us take Planet Earth for example.

As global citizens who have inherited our planet and who will be handing it over to the next generations, isn't it everyone's duty to take care of Planet Earth?

After all, it is the only planet we have as our home as of now.

Despite the vast advances in technology, we are yet to have a back-up planet.

Does this thought ever come to our minds- where to flee after the after-effects of our actions destroy our existing one?

What do we do? Continue our mindless actions with our devil-may-care attitude.

Will simply showing that we care and sharing the message- "Save The Planet", do the saving bit for us like the so-called eco-friendly environment-protector company in the Greentoon below?

The less the resources we use, the less the burden on Planet Earth.

Car-pooling and use of public transport is suggested to reduce fuel consumption, pollution, and also to reduce the vehicular traffic on the roads.

As per studies, some of the major cities of the world are the most polluted owing to industrialization and development.

Progress comes at a huge cost.

If each individual is conscious, then our society will benefit.

But, consciousness also comes with a price.

Why do we do what we do?

Are we making things any better for the environment?

What to do when the intention is backed by cause-defeating and negating action as in the Greentoon above?

What is the whole point of showing off as a planet saviour by chanting "Save The Planet" while doing the opposite?

"Save The Planet" Images Courtesy- Eco-Logical by Manjul, Economic Times Prime

Do you use public transport? How can we "Save The Planet"?

Please share your comments below.

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