Wednesday 21 September 2022

That Precious Bicycle

Raju was visiting the village fair after ages.

There were many shops selling interesting fare.

Raju's eyes fell on a bicycle.

It had many precious memories.

Photo Prompt - Alicia Jamtaas

Containing his excitement, he asked the price. 

The shop-owner quoted an exorbitant amount.

"That's as much as a brand new cycle!" Raju remarked.

The owner said, "It has precious memories. Would never have sold it had I not needed the money."

Raju paid the full price.

It was pittance actually.

Raju hoped those precious stolen diamonds were still intact inside the handle where he had hidden them two decades ago!

100 Words story for Friday Fictioneers

Do you feel Raju found those stolen and hidden diamonds inside the bicycle? Do share your thoughts.


  1. Makes me wonder how he lost the bike to begin with. Nice twist.

  2. He's in trouble if they're not there

  3. I suspect they are no longer there.A gem of a tale!

  4. What a wonderful twist. I hope they are!

  5. Ingenious. One wonders how the bike with the diamonds was allowed to get away in the first place!

  6. Cheap at any price.

  7. Hmmm hope it's worth his while and money/

  8. Ohhhh, that's a really good story. I remember going through my Great Grandparents clothes after they died. As I folded my Grandfather's sunday suit, the seams around the jacket felt "odd", so I explored... noticing that the seams had been whip stitched instead of machine stitched I followed the stitching to the end point. There, I found a bow instead of a knot and pulled. as the seam released, out fell bills of cash, each one worth $100. That was a fortune, still is, to me. Anyway, I hid that cash from my addicted parents, and eventually used it to pay for my wedding. My Granny did the same thing, only with books.

  9. The old diamond hidden in the bike trick. Well done.


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