Friday 2 September 2022

How A Son India Got Mother Arrested And Saved A Tribal Woman

EVIL WOMAN Seema Patra, TRIBAL WOMAN Sunita, & SON INDIA Ayushman

We were/are rejoicing that a highly-qualified, experienced, and competent “Tribal Woman”, Droupadi Murmu Madam, has now been elected as our nation’s President, (More in my posts- Vocal For Local - President Droupadi Murmu, President Droupadi Murmu - Tribal Woman and More,  Droupadi Murmu – Much More Than Her Tribal Woman Identity).

But, it is shocking to see the gross treatment meted out to another tribal woman, a domestic help named Sunita.

The former’s struggles and accomplishments are awe-inspiring; the latter’s experiences are numbingly jaw-dropping.

While so many citizens hailed and celebrated Murmu Madam’s selection and election, many voices express their stern condemnation to Sunita’s ordeal caused by her employer, Seema Patra.

Who is Seema Patra?

Jharkhand's ex-IAS officer's wife and BJP ex-politician - State Convener, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Jharkhand BJP (She has been suspended by the party now).

“Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” - a seemingly strong woman, who supposedly stands up for the causes of women, correct?


“All that glitters is not gold”.

“Appearances are deceptive”.


Why is Seema Patra in the news?

It is shocking to see the brutal crime of Seema Patra-

She has been accused of torturing and thrashing her tribal house maid for 8 years.

This India Today news video has more-

Her inhuman treatment has resulted in the present horrific condition of a tribal daughter, 29-years old Sunita.

Sunita has been rescued and is presently in the hospital. She shared her captive status in hell for the past 8 long years having been subjected to- severe neglect; physical and mental torture; enforced slavery; coerced imprisonment; gross violation of human rights…

Sunita said that Seema Patra “broke her teeth with an iron rod, burned her with hot utensils, and thrashed her regularly.” Sunita was also “forced to lick urine and clean the bathroom with her tongue.”

Perhaps, slaves and freedom-fighters were treated like this in a bygone era.

Sunita was serving as the domestic help of Seema Patra. All these years, she had been inhumanly treated by the so-called flag-bearer of civil society, actually an Evil Woman.

Present Status: “Suspended BJP leader Seema Patra arrested in Jharkhand for allegedly torturing tribal help” – Timesof India

Who exposed this and how?

Seema Patra’s own son- Ayushman exposed his mother’s dark nature and sordid exploitation and cruelty.

Disturbed by the evil happenings and the torture subjected to Sunita, Ayushman sent messages to his friend, Vivek Anand Baskey, asking for help and justice.

This NDTVnews video has more about how Baskey helped to rescue Sunita.

Due to the timely intervention, there has been the triumph of Ayushman’s goodness- rescue of Sunita by the Ranchi Police, and the arrest of his mother, the Evil Woman, Seema Patra.


Why was society silent?

Society can see, feel, and hear, but who is the saviour?

A recently-released Hindi movie “Darlings” shows how society is silent despite being aware of the severe domestic violence case in their vicinity- a husband routinely abuses his wife, and all act as if “all is well”.

In this case, why did not Seema Patra’s ex-civil-servant husband say anything? “Charity begins at home.” What sort of service to society do such “civil-servants” do?

What about the other staff working in her home? Why was everyone silent?

In the “Darlings” movie, the complaint of the friendly neighbourhood guy, who could not bear to see such horror, helped the protagonist.

In Seema Patra’s home, gladly her son had the spine and did not remain silent.


“Son India” - Ayushman

Somehow, a scene from the Hindi movie- “Mother India” comes to my mind:

In the climax scene, the mother does not think twice before killing her erring son just to save the honour of a daughter of her village.

Sunita got a savior in the form of Ayushman.

Ayushman could have chosen to remain mum and to protect his mum (mother).

Rather, "Son India" decided to do what was right.

Well-being of women needs the active support of men like Ayushman and Baskey.

We need more such “Son India” – i.e. sons of India who can make Mother India proud.

Incidentally, a scheme of Central Government is – “Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Scheme”. It aims to provide free access to health insurance coverage for low-income earners in India.

Sunita certainly needs healthcare, medical treatment, and hospitalization now owing to the Evil Woman’s antics.


Happy Ending?

Sunita would just have been killed, thrown, eliminated, “dumped” by Evil Woman.

And no one would have even known!

Another missing woman would have been added to the list.

The case would not even be registered!

Some people feel privileged to inflict such abuse and can get away with murder.

Such sick mentality despite being well-off and belonging to elite economic and social class reflects the terrible attitude.

The victim, Sunita, has lost so many teeth and is terribly bruised, and inflicted with enough wounds- both physical and mental that it will be tough for her to come out of the trauma and stress.

By being the reason of his own mother’s arrest, Son India and his friend have ensured a “good-over-evil” ending.

For a truly happy ending, we want the strictest punishment for such Evil Women.


Women are the worst enemies of women

Violence against women cannot and must not be allowed.

The upbringing, company, riches or class makes no difference to some.

Such Evil Women, bereft of empathy, kindness, and humanity, have to lose their sense of power and entitlement. The violence, prevalent in every cell of their body, needs to die.

When a dominant privileged woman inflicts wounds and pains, how can the subjugated woman resist and rise?

“Silence feeds the violence.”

The one who is traumatized may not be able to come out and speak for herself, but what about the others who knew/know about this? Why do they choose to be silent spectators?

I want to ask the frequent visitors and friends and neighbours of Seema Patra-

  • Were you aware of the torture inflicted on Sunita? 
  • Did you not find anything amiss in the treatment and the toxic culture? 
  • In case you knew, why did you not report your friend- the Evil Woman? 
  • By supporting evil, aren’t you yourself evil too? 
  • "Birds of a feather flock together"?


Every human craves and deserves respect

In movies like “English Vinglish”, “Thappad”, “Darlings” etc, the central characters always crave for “respect”.

Domestic workers also crave and deserve respect. High time everyone treats women of all ages, classes etc with respect. Especially women should treat other women with respect.

We want justice for Sunita. We hope her scars get healed soon...

Here’s wishing a speedy recovery for Sunita and praying for- “Ayushman Bharat”.

Did you know about this incident?

What do you feel? Please share in the comments below.


  1. Very tragic story. I am glad the son saves the girl. But one thing I do not understand. I read that this evil lady admitted his son in a mental hospital. He is an adult. How can she do that. That is what puzzling me.

    1. That is true. As per the reports, she got her own son admitted as a patient!
      So that he would be away and she could continue her activities, and no one would complain.
      She must be drugging him for her selfish interests.
      Even I cannot comprehend how low human minds and people can stoop...


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