Wednesday 2 June 2021

One Of Her Crazy Fans

She looked like a radiant new bride. 

Basking in the full moon night, she sparkled.

He sighed. 

He dreamt to get his hands on her! 

His dream could come true.

The time was right.

Everyone was asleep. 

There was no one in sight.

Grasping her keys in his hand, he was overwhelmed by a sense of thrill.

He had no prior experience.

His love for her had made him lose sense. 

She, the brand new car, had many crazy fans.

This man forcefully tried to start and control her.

The deafening noise was enough to wake up the whole neighbourhood.

Photo prompt - Liz Young

 100 words story for Friday Fictioneers

Do you remember your first attempt at driving a car? Did you first learn car-driving by using an old car, intending to get your driving license before driving a brand new car?


  1. Many men (and fewer women) do feel that way about their car

  2. His dream turned into a nightmare.

  3. I'm sorry, the above comment was from me, Gah Learner. Wrong computer...

  4. Yikes! Start slowly with a nice new car!! I remember my first car. It was nerve-wracking trying to get it out of the car lot that first day!

  5. Yeah. Every man loves his.

  6. I like the way you slowly strip away the metaphor.

    I went through a series of cars that would die here and there. "Dad!"

    My first ever time trying to drive a car, I was three. It was an old Volkswagen bug. My dad was under the car working on it. I knew where they kept the keys. I got in and started it up and terrified my dad.

  7. misdirection galore. well-played. :)

  8. A nice story about the irrational way some people can feel about cars.

  9. Poor car, they have feelings too you know!

    Here's mine!

  10. Dear Anita,

    I'd rather not go into my first experience driving. ;) Nice misdirect.



  11. Haha. Good one. This reminded me of the time when I managed to back into a wall and break the tai lights!

  12. Hit the panic button, did she? What a clever twist! Enjoyed this, Anita.

  13. I guess she didn't like his manhandling of her. Fun take on the prompt, Anita.


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