Wednesday 2 December 2020

No Strings Attached

It looked like a case of theft. 

The thief seemed to be an expert. 

And a connoisseur too- else why would she/he steal that particular product only?

There were no clues.

The young detective Rima shook her head.  


She had to investigate all the angles of the case. 

The ribbon on the floor surely had a story. 

Photo Prompt - CEAyr
Rima knew it belonged to Nila, their neighbour.

Gingerly picking it up, she made way to Nila's home. 

Rima's father had got Chhenapoda for Rima's birthday.

It was missing. 

Nila had "stolen" the Chhenapoda to decorate it and to write "Happy Birthday, Rima!" 

Nayagarh Chhenapoda - OTV

Note- Chhenapoda is a delicious cottage-cheese cake-type dessert of Odisha, India. 

100 Words story for Friday Fictioneers

Have you ever acted liked a detective and solved a mystery?


  1. I'm sure they'll manage to explain it all and tuck into a good tea

  2. Had to read this twice to work out what was going on. That cake looks delicious!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  3. Not the dastardly deed she first imagined! A tasy tale indeed.

  4. Dear Anita,

    A thief with good intentions. :) The cake looks delicious.



  5. Looks like Rima has a successful career ahead of her. Cake looks nice :-)

  6. A thief with good intentions!

  7. Looks tasty and glad the crime was one of caring that wasn't really a crime.

  8. The cake looks yummy! So glad she solved the case.

  9. What a happy ending for that "case." At first glance, the cake looks like one of my favorites, a New York cheese cake. So delicious!

  10. That looks delicious. That's the kind of outcome that you want for a case. Great story. :)


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